Свадьба сына олигарха Гуцериева продолжится в Лондоне According to the Ingush tradition of the wedding ceremony may last a week. So it will be at least another holiday. According to some reports, Gutseriyev also planned to celebrate the wedding in a narrow circle in London.

      Свадьба сына олигарха Гуцериева продолжится в Лондоне

      One of the most notorious events of the weekend was the wedding said, the son of billionaire Mikhail Gutseriev, who, incidentally, is not over yet. Yesterday in the capital walked till morning. At the celebration was invited to be the favorite of several generations of Alla Pugacheva, who performed well-known songs, and also stars of world size. The next morning the marriage of the son of media magnate Gutseriev became the most discussed event in the Network. Hundreds of Internet users shared with each other emotions from what you see on the photos on social media of luxury and counted how much cost the wedding of the son of one of the richest people of Russia, and guests of the festival never ceased to share the details of the solemn ceremony.

      The wedding of the son of Mikhail Gutseriev in detail. PHOTO. Video

      According to Ingush traditions, the marriage ceremony can last up to 10 days, so Gutseriyev will celebrate at least one more day. According to journalists, the celebration will also be held in the British capital. In London will come the newlyweds with family to celebrate an important event in the circle of closest friends. Probably closed and more modest in scale, the event will address a very small number of people expected on Saturday beyoncé and Elton John.

      Recall, the chosen heir of one of the richest people of Russia has become a 20-year-old Khadija Uzakova. According to some, she is studying at University and plans after University to become a dentist. According to rumors, the bride said to Gutseriev was looking for more than one year, and still found in the face of a pretty and modest She. Dress for girls was stitched fashion brand of class “luxury” Ellie Saab and weighed 25 kilograms. It was strewn with small stones and decorated with long train, which carried behind the bride.

      Свадьба сына олигарха Гуцериева продолжится в Лондоне

      It is estimated that the wedding could cost several million euros. This budget includes the fees of superstars, bridesmaid dress, tastefully decorated interiors of the restaurant, where the celebration took place (the school was fully decorated with flowers and plants), meals for guests and the wedding cake height of almost two meters.

      Свадьба сына олигарха Гуцериева продолжится в Лондоне

      At the wedding, were top stars of world level. In addition to the prima Donna of the Russian stage Alla Pugacheva, who spoke with the hits “Love like sleep” and “Invite a lady to dance”, the scene also left a sex symbol Jennifer Lopez surprised the guests of the holiday dashing dances and dances in a revealing costume with the dancer. The audience applauded J. Lo – still, not every day to write out the wedding pop star, whose fortune is estimated at hundreds of millions of dollars, and the figure – a role model of a huge number of women worldwide.

      J-Lo, sting and Enrique Iglesias took a walk at a Russian wedding

      In addition to Lopez, that evening for the couple also sang the incomparable Enrique Iglesias, whose voice has conquered not one girl’s heart, the legendary British musician sting, which account for 16 Grammy awards, and graceful Frenchwoman Patricia Kaas that I love in Russia.

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