Сестры Толмачевы станут преподавателями Wards Philip Kirkorov opened a creative Studio. Anastasia and Maria Tolmachev prepared a real surprise for gifted children of his native city.

      Сестры Толмачевы станут преподавателями

      After the contest “Eurovision 2014”, which took place in Denmark, about young twin sisters, 19-year-old Anastasia and Maria Tolmachev, little was heard. Meanwhile, the girls have graduated high school, went to University, and is currently recording an album and preparing to open his own creative Studio in his native city of Kursk.

      “While we are in the process, the opening is expected in the month of April, – shares with “Stricom” singer Maria Tolmacheva. Director of the Studio will become our mother, and we will do the creative process. We are now actively choose teachers in vocal, choreography and acting skills. The training will take place by the method of Seth Riggs. Artists who worked on it, took not one Grammy award.

      Сестры Толмачевы станут преподавателями

      Now the repair in the workshop is already over and the girls involved in the arrangement of space, thinking through every detail of the interior. “We will be located in two-storey building in the centre of Kursk. Many of the items and furniture we ordered from Italy. Besides classrooms, we plan to make the tea room where we can chat informally with our students to drink tea with sweets, to mark important events, birthdays. Also we will be high-quality, expensive equipment and my own Studio. We are planning to send a portfolio of our students in a variety of competitions. To be trained in our workshop children will be able, starting from six years and up to adulthood. The cost of classes will cost seven thousand rubles, regardless of the direction”.

      The same girls are going to arrange for their wards master classes from the stars. “We are already negotiating with many renowned artists, continues Maria. – Also, we are supported by our mentor, singer Filipp Kirkorov. We recorded the video message. Philip Bedrosovich even promised to come to us.”

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