Хью Джекман помешался на своем теле
This was stated by the wife of the actor.

Hugh Jackman in the movie “Logan”

Photo: Outnow

In the latest film about Wolverine Hugh Jackman upset his fans — he looked very sick and beaten down by life.

“More than 130 years to undergo with the metal in the body — whatever it will bring
to handle — with a smile said the actor. — Yes, he has mercury in the body accumulated from eating
canned tuna! (Laughs.) That’s right, my old Wolverine. He is not
can magically heal their wounds. But we never thought of —
finally, to open my character with a human side. How much it is possible
claws to wield. However, my wife always liked Wolverine because of these
claws, strength, and an iron character.”

The actor admitted that to keep the body in this form all these years of shooting, it was extremely difficult.

“To remain for almost twenty years
physical form for such films as “X-Men” and “Wolverine: the Immortal” I
had every day to turn six thousand calories in muscle mass.
Believe me, this is hard! It’s a constant battle. And the wife is not too happy. Even said that I was just obsessed with her body!”

Now, announcing that the sequel to Wolverine, he does not intend to act, Jackman is going to break all the years of deprivation. “Finally a new wonderful life — without protein,
diet and chicken Breasts, — says the actor. — I want to eat bread
and buns every day! Previously could only watch as
my cakes absorb relatives and friends. Now eat the bread and
no more guilt! Oh, and pancakes! No calorie counting, and you can enjoy eating after six o’clock in the evening —
that’s what I understand!”

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