Алексей Самсонов откровенно рассказал о трудных родах жены Last week eks-the participant “Houses-2” has become a father. He was born a wonderful boy Myron. “StarHit” talked with Alexey Samsonov, and the man said, how was the birth of Julia and the couple who were present at discharge from hospital.

      At the end of last week in the family eks-participants “Houses-2” Alexey Samsonov and his wife Julia was a joyful event. Last Friday they had a son Myron. Today the happy father took the woman and child from the hospital.

      On the eve of the statement “StarHit” talked with Alex Samsonova learned, how was the birth and where will live now happy parents.

      The couple chose perinatal center in Balashikha, which is located close to their home. “There was a threat to the baby, premature birth. I took Julia for a week before giving birth there. We chose childbirth under the contract. If we talk about the amount, it came out a little cheaper than in the clinic “Mother and child” – said Alexey.

      Samsonov said that before the birth he was allowed to stay in the perinatal center to spend the night. Happy father already had an heir on hand.

      “He’s just like me. Even my mom said that we have a similar photo in the same pose. Very similar,” admitted Samsonov.

      According to the former participant “Houses-2”, to be discharged from the hospital she asked me to bring her coat. Julia bought outerwear only during pregnancy, and it was not possible to leave it anywhere. “Said, “Bring a makeup artist and a fur coat. She waited for the birth of the child and waited for the moment to wear a fur coat.”

      The statement was also attended by Irina Agibalova, which the pair recently released live and Darya and Sergey Pynzar. Samsonova will live with their parents Julia, where everything necessary for a child.

      “There is a changing table and crib. In close quarters, but not mad. We bought all the stuff for the baby throughout pregnancy. I collected all the after birth,” explained Samsonov.

      According to Alexey, the global celebration after discharge will not. However, a few days later, Alex is planning to sit with friends in a restaurant or go to the bath.

      Samsonov told about the birth of his wife. According to the man, Julia watched the doctors as was worried about the health of her baby. “She had a caesarean section because doctors were worried that she was fragile, and the baby was large. We decided not to risk”, – said Alexey.

      According to the man, his wife and son Myron feel great. Samsonov is willing to stay up all night and all to support his beloved wife.