Хью Грант впервые женился

57-year-old British actor Hugh Grant and his 39-year-old girlfriend Anna, now the wife Eberstein! May 25, paparazzi spotted the couple near one of the offices of London, where register marriages. As they say eyewitnesses, Grant and Eberstein took command support in the form of friends and relatives. The pair looked happy!

Хью Грант впервые женился

The pair had been together for more than six years, so the sudden wedding was not a surprise. Together Grant and Ebenstein have three children, two of whom are from a previous relationship with the Manager of a Chinese restaurant in London Tinglan Hong. “Fatherhood is the best thing that ever happened to me. It neverojatno wonderful to feel all this love that surrounds you. Suddenly you realize that you love someone more than yourself,” he said.

However, marriage Grant relates is not entirely positive. “If you ask me whether the people in order to 40 years to be in a monogamous relationship, of course, I would say no,” said Grant.

We will remind that in recent interview, Grant talked about their colleagues. The first discussion came Emma Thompson, which Hugh starred in the films “sense and sensibility” (Sense and Sensibility) and “love actually” (Love Actually). The actress received a compliment “genius”, but without the barbs, it would not be done. “She’s a little crazy. Every year it becomes more and more crazy,” says Grant.

His counterpart in the set of the film “Florence foster Jenkins” (Florence Foster Jenkins) Meryl Streep, Hugh was also called a genius, but she did mention about her bad vision. “She can’t see well, but refuses to wear contact lenses. This leads to the fact that when we shoot the scene, I can become a Denzel Washington.” says Hugh.

Grant also talked about Robert Downey Jr., who hated him at first sight. “He hates me. He just looked at me and I wanted to kill you,” says the actor.

But with Renee Zellweger all the way around. “Renee loves me and I love her. It is, of course, in the same category as Emma Thompson from the point of view of madness. But still she’s an amazing actress and person with a big heart. One day she sent me a large number of photos with naked women. I remember this because I received them before the flight to Marrakech, where the album was confiscated,” recalls the story of the Grant.

Speaking about mental health colleagues, Grant forgot to mention that he had a problem with that. So, the star of “Bridget Jones’s Diary” admitted that 2007 brought him many trials, including a nervous breakdown, which nearly ended the treatment in special institutions.