Новые подробности королевской свадьбы

The whole world saw the broadcast of the Royal wedding Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on the websites in the network and on TV, but at a gala dinner and post-wedding party cameras were prohibited. Megan and Harry had even insisted that guests invited to a closed event, did not use mobile phones and did not publish photos in social networks. But journalists they are the journalists, details the party already on the network and told them one of the invited guests.

Новые подробности королевской свадьбы

The details of the event, said close friend Megan Janina Gavankar. She noted that the origin of the newly made spouses approached with trepidation and even a menu written not only on British but also American English. “It was a wonderful mixture of two cultures,” she says.

Not just for post-wedding party was a lot of interesting things, but also on wedding ceremony itself. In spite of the strict Royal Protocol, guests were unable to hold back laughter when people in the street, violently Express their emotions. “We laughed because the chapel was very quiet and was perfectly audible to all the people who were standing outside. When Megan and Harry said their vows, we heard the crowd around the Church people cheered. It was very touching”, she said.

Despite expensive jewelry, wedding dresses and 600 guests, Janina notes that the celebration was not pretentious. “In many ways, it was like a small wedding. It was not a Grand procession Megan at the Church to the altar, and there was a feeling that we were right there with them alone. All of it was perfect,” recalls Gavankar.

But the wedding ceremony is over and now Megan has to deal with Royal duties. The Queen of Britain seriously manners Duchess of Sussex. The Duchess of Sussex will be studying at senior adviser to Kensington Palace Samantha Cohen. Megan will not be easy, because Samantha is a strict teacher and recognizes authority. In its history there is a case when she refused to invite Victoria Beckham to the Royal party. In its opinion to be rich is not enough in order to participate on the event of this level.

In a six-month course, etiquette is more practice, which will be held in travels and meetings with various charitable organizations. Samantha will teach Megan to behave in high society. “Megan is asking advice from a range of people. She is going to act very restrained and to be submissive. This training will be quite intensive and active,” says a source at Kensington Palace.