Как используется мозаика в интерьере

The use of mosaics for the decoration – a beautiful method of interior design. This material has a long lifetime durability, attractive and allows you to dramatically change the design of the kitchen or bathroom for the better. Mosaic has a long history: in ancient times, it generally refers to the direction in art, which gave the possibility of glass fragments to make the whole picture. At the moment mosaic is made not only of glass – and today, it is a natural stone, and ceramic, and marble in different color combinations. Such mosaic is easy to cope with surges in temperature and is not afraid of moisture.

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  • Material for mosaic

    When for the manufacture of mosaic used smalt, as the most natural raw material. Smalt is glass natural education, coloring of which is directly dictated by the dominant mineral components. Next was marble, as a consequence, both products were available only to wealthy people. Decades later, technology has changed. Now there are opportunities to make a mosaic, price for 1 m2 is comparable to the price is not very expensive tile. Modern mosaic is made on the basis of artificial glass, including in some cases mica, which may change its appearance.

    Как используется мозаика в интерьереMosaic can have different shapes

    The quality of the mosaic is made of artificial raw materials mosaic natural slightly inferior, but their price is incomparable. Along with this decorative mosaic is also strong and resistant to moisture.

    Style and color for the mosaic in the interior

    Mosaic will fit well in a vintage or retro interior as well as in different ethnic directions. So, for example, the mosaic – classical decoration applied in Moroccan style. It helps to make the authentic panels to add to the interior ethnic of the notes or to decorate for wall surface ethnic pattern. Beautiful mosaic and modern interiors.

    Как используется мозаика в интерьереMosaic can be a real work of art

    Как используется мозаика в интерьереTo save material mosaic can be spread only insert a total interior decoration

    Selecting colors mosaics, take into account the set of hues used in the interior. To wall design does not look boring, combine with the main tone of other high-contrast or more juicy. You can buy plain mosaic, but different shades – this will help smooth out the transition from light colors to dark, creating the play of shadows on the surface.

    How and where is it used mosaic in the interior

    Autumn leaves for decoration of the apartment

    Often mosaic compositions do inside the house, but there are other examples of mosaic works well. In particular, the pools under the open sky, in this embodiment, mosaic veneer will be cheaper than the same number of tiles. Along with this mosaic of wins and longevity, and due to the small size eliminates large ugly seams. The resulting uneven surface, effectively removes the likelihood of slipping compared to classical large-sized tiles.

    Как используется мозаика в интерьереBest mosaic fits into the interior of the bathroom

    Mosaic can be used not only for layout along wall structures, but also for flooring. It has a high degree of resistance to dynamic loads the influence of household chemicals and mold.

    Usually buy mosaic for the bathroom, but to prepare all wall surfaces with this material financial can pull every, consequently the interior is more frequently used panels.

    Как используется мозаика в интерьереGorgeous mosaic in the interior of the kitchen

    Kitchen apron is the classic site to use mosaic, which adds to the flavor.

    In these two rooms of the residents are trying to recreate the comfort: bathroom in many homes is one of the few areas for privacy and relaxation, and the kitchen area usually gather all family members, as a result it is important to create a special, comfortable and cozy atmosphere. As the humidity of one room and extremely frequent contamination of the second, obviously, the majority gives its preference to ceramic tile, which can solve the issue of repair for a long time. Mosaic is able to balance the coolness of the tile and add to the originality of the interior.

    Как используется мозаика в интерьере

    Economical method of applying mosaic in the interior is its partial insertion into a tiled wall covering. This method can be used to focus on certain areas of the room, adding to the interior individuality. In such a case, a good effect can be achieved by a combination of individual parts of the mosaic.

    Using mosaic to decorate pilasters, sills, countertops, various openings in the home. The mosaic fits well into the decorating screen, masking the area under the bowl of the bath. It revet and false fireplaces in the interior, and the adjacent wall surface.

    Mosaic is an interesting technique for the restoration of furniture items: it can help to decorate an old table top or the lid of retro bedside tables. The remaining tiles in this set can be used for decoration vases, frames or boxes.

    Как используется мозаика в интерьере

    By the way, a mosaic is used for decoration and new furniture. For example, finish it furniture the countertop for the dining room or bathroom. Good-looking bar, decorated with mosaics.

    Mosaic in the interior niche. This self-contained facing material, and great decor.

    Как используется мозаика в интерьере

    Cons mosaic

    Like other tiling tools, mosaic also has disadvantages. Firstly is the cost. Material from branded companies is not everyone can afford, and are produced in China, also does not fit all.

    Как используется мозаика в интерьере

    The second point relates to the complexity of installation. If to speak about a small area of wall surface, even with a modest experience of repairs it is quite possible to put a mosaic with your hands. But for huge surfaces need significant skills.

    Even experienced craftsmen tiled things do not always possess the necessary skills to work with mosaics, as a consequence, to find a suitable employee with recommendations not just. Of course, this type of work the price will be much higher than that of standard paving tiles. However, the final result definitely worth it.

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