Как выбрать фанеру для изготовления мебели своими руками

For manufacturing of furniture and other interior elements most commonly used plywood. Such popularity of this material has gained due to its functionality. Plywood does not require complex processing, has a small mass, combined with strength and flexibility. In addition, the cost of glued wood panels is much lower than natural wood.

However, the plywood presented on the market varies greatly. To get a really high-quality, reliable and beautiful furniture, it is necessary to use a suitable material. In addition, for different purposes, match different types of plywood. For example, if you are planning the manufacture of garden furniture, you will need a water-resistant WBP. Ordinary furniture for home use best done from birch plywood panels with a thickness of 15 mm. For various interior structures such as catwalks — need more than a solid plate.

Features of plywood

Plywood consists of several (from 3 to 23) layers of wood veneer glued together in perpendicular direction. This allows the plywood to remain flexible in high strength.

For the production of plywood need not only specific knowledge and skills, but high-tech equipment. To obtain a high quality material, the raw material is first subjected to hydrothermal treatment, purified from the bark, divided into thin sheets, and thoroughly dried. Then the sheets are glued to one panel. To carry out all stages of production correctly and get a really quality product only company with extensive experience with the necessary technical equipment.


To understand how to choose plywood that is optimal for your application, you need to understand what characterizes this material.

Plywood can be classified according to the type of woodused for its production:

  • Deciduous. Typically, the source material for it is birch. Sometimes poplar, alder, maple, aspen. High density birch plywood gives a special strength. Has a lovely light colour and smooth texture. This has ensured her popularity in the manufacture of furniture and decoration.
  • Conifers. The raw material used is pine, larch, cedar. Due to saturation of resins plywood, made of softwood, has good performance of water resistance. This allows her furniture for rooms with high humidity.
  • Combined. The inner layers of this plywood are made from softwood, and outside it is covered with hardwood veneer. Thus, the combined plywood combines strength and moisture resistance. It has found wide application in various fields — construction, repairs, manufacture of furniture.
  • Also, plywood can be divided into 5 varieties in line with the quality outdoor veneer:

    • Elite (E/A). To purchase the plywood of this sort for the independent production of furniture is almost impossible, because her whole volume purchase of the production company. Elite plywood is almost devoid of knots, cracks, adhesive residues and other defects.
    • The First (I/B).
    • The second (II/BB).
      First and second grades of plywood have minimum number of flaws that make them the optimal solution for home furniture.
    • The third (III/CP).
    • The fourth (IV/C).
      The third and fourth grades can be used for the realization of interior design ideas that require a finish coating such as catwalks.
      Also plywood is subdivided depending on the degree of processing:
    • Brown (NSH).
    • Polished on one side (SH1).
    • Sanded on two sides (R2).

    In furniture manufacture sanded plywood found wider application. Unpolished, the material will have to handle with sandpaper.

    Also there are many types of plywood depending on the water resistance of the adhesive impregnation. For the manufacture of home furniture you can use materials such as BAF. This brand is glued together with natural glue, which makes it environmentally-friendly plywood. She is nevlagostoykim varieties. There is also a heavy duty grade plywood nevlagostoykim — BV. It is impregnated with bakelite varnish. Brand of FB, FBS and BS are also characterized by strength due to the impregnation, however the production used alcohol-soluble lacquer, which provides resistance to moisture.

    For the production of home furniture out of plywood with their hands can use the brand of FC. For outdoor furniture, it will not work, because different average levels of water resistance. If you want to make garden furniture, you can stay on grade WBP. But for the home it is not necessary. Moisture it is accompanied by a high content of chemicals that are not valid for use inside buildings.

    A versatile option that is suitable for both indoor and outdoors — laminated plywood. This material is not afraid to mechanical loads, the effects of aggressive external factors, and does not need finishing.

    Plywood is ideal for preparing furniture production. Cost effectiveness it is combined with the reliability, flexibility and simplicity in processing. The main thing — to choose the material in accordance with the purposes for which it is intended.

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