Как похудеть на три размера: секрет диеты Дины Гариповой

The winner of the first season of the show “the Voice” celebrated its 25th anniversary and was very surprised their fans with a new image.

Fans of Dina know that every time she changes her appearance, you can expect new surprises. Last summer in Kazan at the opening of the world championship in water sports Dean just shocked everyone by losing weight badly. As it turned out later, the girl was preparing for the wedding, which took place in conditions of strict secrecy. And now fans are waiting for new events in her life – birthday Dina began to look like a top model.

But, according to the singer, there is nothing surprising about the game there. Dina lose weight, to look spectacular on stage, and supports her husband, who, along with her modest parts, but the correct meal. Especially for Wday, the singer revealed the secret quick and healthy weight loss for summer.

Как похудеть на три размера: секрет диеты Дины Гариповой

— We do not go to nutritionists. We don’t have any special goals. Only a healthy lifestyle, sport, nutrition and the state of harmony and joy. That’s all, – said the singer. — Any special advice no. Each person is different.

The singer knows that the topic of her slimness repeatedly discussed in the press. And to talk about the appearance instead of the creativity she believes is right.

That to lose weight easier for a couple with a loved one and protecting yourself from stress, Dina Garipova advised as soon as returned from wedding trip, which took place in Cuba. During the honeymoon the couple admired the starry sky, learning to dance Cuban dances and tasted exotic dishes – soup with meat and vegetables, ajiaco, Criollo, sweet potato boniato and soup of black beans. And once back home, immediately began to follow a healthy diet, got machines, free weights and even began to go every evening for walks. Especially to do it necessarily, because shortly before the wedding, the couple got a dog of breed husky named Peach.

The residents of nearby houses in Zelenodolsk, where it is often Dina, tell that rare evening to see Dean with her husband by the hand, strolling with a frisky dog.

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