How to earn stars for the episode in the series?

Сколько зарабатывают звезды за эпизод в сериалах?

If you want to know where the money comes from a particular star, then Variety announced the list of fees of well-known actors for one episode in the series.

Сколько зарабатывают звезды за эпизод в сериалах?

Among the stars who get the biggest fees are marked Javier Bardem, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer aniston, Julia Roberts, Norman Reedus and others. Javier gets for one episode of the new Amazon project, whose as-yet-untitled $ 1.2 million. How many series and how many in total got an actor — is not known.

Reese and Jennifer have shared the same position and receive 1.1 million dollars per episode of their shows to Apple TV. The new project was an adaptation of the TV series “Amazing stories”, aired on screens 1985-1987 year. The series tells about a morning show on one of American TV channels. The actress’s longtime girlfriend, after all, starred together in a couple of episodes of the popular series “Friends.” Where they played sisters. Now the girls reunited on the set of which we are very excited: “It’s so exciting to be reunited with the inimitable Jennifer aniston during the production of our new show! Can’t wait when you see it!”, — told of his joy Reese in his Instagram.

Сколько зарабатывают звезды за эпизод в сериалах?

By the way, the fees of Javier, Reese and Jen can be much larger, because only indicated the amount that the stars receive for participating in the project as actors. But each of them is also the Executive producer, which also receive salaries.

The TV series “the Walking dead” and “the handmaid’s Tale” is very popular. Moreover, not less than the actors who play them leading roles. In last year’s “the handmaid’s Tale” received 6 Emmy awards including one for “Best actress in a drama series” — taken away by the actress Elizabeth moss, who plays the series lead role. “The walking dead” also received numerous nominations and awards. Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon, receives for one episode is $ 1 million, as well as his colleague Elisabeth moss.

Сколько зарабатывают звезды за эпизод в сериалах?

Julia Roberts earns less — “only” 600 000 dollars per episode in the new series “coming home.” The last position took the Sean Penn — he is paid 500,000 per episode in the “First” and Dwayne Johnson 450 000 for the series at Titan Games.

We will remind that earlier the actress couldn’t get the same fees as their male counterparts. Now everything begins to change and the first step made famous Marvel company. Scarlett Johansson will receive a record fee for the role in a solo project about a superheroine Black widow.

$ 15 million that receive Scarlett comparable to fees of Chris Evans for his role in “Civil war” and Chris Hemsworth for the painting “Thor: Ragnarok”. Changes have occurred not only in budget but also in the team. To remove a solo project about a character Johansson will be the Director of Kate Shortland, whose candidacy they picked from 70 applicants.

But not all Actresses currently receive such fees. For example, brie Larson will pay about $ 5 million for his starring role in “Captain marvel”. However, things will get better. The actress has signed a contract for a series of films about your character.

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