The company Gwyneth Paltrow again sued

На компанию Гвинет Пэлтроу снова подали в суд

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow was an example of how not to run a business celebrities. The website Goop, the Creator of which is Gwyneth, has been selling health products and dietary supplements. Examined the goods and after hearing the complaint, the doctors began a boycott of the company’s Actresses.

На компанию Гвинет Пэлтроу снова подали в суд

At this time, the scandal has got the vitamins for pregnant and lactating women, which is very serious. The Mother Load contains a concentration of vitamin A that exceeds all the recommended dosage. Gynecologists and endocrinologists claim that vitamins can harm mother and baby. According to experts one of America’s biggest portal about pregnancy excess dosages of vitamin A during pregnancy can cause serious fetal malformations.

Representatives of the company, in turn, argue that there is no danger for pregnant and lactating women vitamins not present. But there is one “but”. the representatives argue that the dose will not be exceeded if women do not to lean on carrots, which is plenty of vitamin A. In the end, charity Good Thinking Society has accused Paltrow in “the exercise of control over the company, which produces potentially dangerous to health products.”

Doctors please don’t rush to buy the company’s products Goop, because no one product is manufactured under the guidance of Gwyneth Paltrow not approved by either the National health service of the UK or the world health organization.

Earlier Gwyneth had already sued the buyers of the jade and quartz vaginal eggs, which improve sexual energy. Having tried the goods the customers have not noticed any positive effect and have filed a lawsuit against the actress. The company had to pay 145 thousand dollars for all the “victims” and refuse to mention the effectiveness of medication in the advertising campaign.

I hope the lawsuits did not spoil the wedding “finish.” Wedding Gwyneth and her lover brad Felchak took place in the mansion Gwyneth Paltrow on long island. The fact that near the mansion before the event was set three white tent. The first shatr was intended for the ceremony of marriage, the second for the reception. In it stood two long tables, decorated with white flowers. The third is the smallest for personnel and products. Treats for guests to the wedding of Gwyneth imported trucks. Only champagne was brought at least 10 boxes. Among the invited guests were spotted Robert Downey Jr. with wife Susan, Steven Spielberg with Kate Capshaw and Benji Madden with Cameron Diaz.

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