How to cure female alcoholism?

Как вылечить женский алкоголизм?

Female alcoholism is growing at epidemic proportions. If earlier women were drinking alcohol at the holidays, today, began to be the norm – every day to drink alcoholic beverages. Such indiscriminate drinking problem becomes the total of the fair sex.

So, if your circle of friends has alcohol-dependent man – give a helping hand. Go with him on reception to the psychiatrist, the psychotherapist who is treating alcoholism anonymously. For example, the link — Dr. Taratukhin treats patients in Kiev, is an individual program of treatment of alcoholism.

What methods of treatment of alcoholism uses doctor Yuri Taratukhin

Psychiatrist psychotherapist for treatment uses an integrated approach consisting of the following stages:

  • In the first stage of alcoholism treatment, the doctor diagnoses the patient. Checks the endocrine, cardiovascular and nervous systems. Thereby determines the stage of the disease.
  • Then the psychiatrist, the therapist conducts therapy for cleansing the body of toxins.
  • After cleansing the body to restore internal organs, the doctor prescribes medical therapy.
  • Then work with the psychological makeup of the patient. Psychiatrist therapist creates a powerful setting for refusal of alcohol, the patient could get the full enjoyment of life without bad habits.
  • What methods are used for the treatment of alcoholism in women?

    For the treatment of alcohol dependence in female physicians practice:

    • the methodology of behavioral psychotherapy (eliminate phobias);
    • The practice of NLP and hypnosis;
    • family psychotherapy;
    • autogenic training (to release emotional tension).

    Amenable whether treatment of female alcoholism?

    There is a perception that women’s alcoholism is not treated. In fact, it is a myth. He similarly treated as men. For full recovery 2 important factors:

    • physiological. Alcohol much faster destroys the emotional state of women. Therefore, the treatment of alcoholism takes more time. The sooner you start rehabilitation, the sooner will be the result;
    • psychological. Once a woman is aware of the scale of the tragedy, decides to seriously take care of your health, the result will be guaranteed. Moreover, to recovery important motivation and support of loved ones.

    Where in Kiev it is possible to find a good specialist to treat alcohol dependence?

    Looking for a professional psychiatrist psychotherapist? Then go to the website Dr. Yuri A. taratuhin, treats patients with any addiction in Kiev. All the achievements of a doctor, his methods of treatment and prices are on the website.

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