Ashley Graham on the podcast and love to the body

Эшли Грэм о подкасте и любви к телу

Ashley Graham model plus size, which “destroyed” the scope of the fashion business, completely changed the vision of the “big” girls. The model and activist traveled to Russia, where he talked with journalists Hello! She told me about your podcast, where we visited famous star Kim Kardashian, as well as love for their own body.

Эшли Грэм о подкасте и любви к телу

Ashley admits to not being a professional presenter, so on the show Pretty Big Deal can afford to relax and talk to the guest over a glass of wine. “I long went to it, and I genuinely like the format of the show is like a candid conversation between two friends,” admits the model. “I am not a professional journalist, but love and know how to listen and appreciate other people’s stories — instructive, interesting, shocking, funny. Human experience is more interesting than any movie! And I hope I can through conversation to reveal to your guests with the unexpected, non-public perspective”.

Эшли Грэм о подкасте и любви к телу
The first of the guests was Kim Kardashian. The model loves and respects an Internet celebrity, because she can earn money from all it touches. To invite the star on the first issue of shock — this is not a PR stunt, but a way to show that this is serious and for a long time.

Эшли Грэм о подкасте и любви к телу
The star is not going to stop, because the chat wants to model every star! “Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey! And still wanted to talk to Marilyn Monroe and Michael Jackson — that would be really awesome dialogues!”

Starting to talk about the beginning of his career, Ashley remembered those who helped her become who she is now. “My mother, Linda, has always believed in me and supported me, despite the criticism of the father, and that it seemed incredible that a girl with my forms reached the heights in the modeling business. My mother taught me to accept and love myself for who I am and not focus on what I have breast size, how many inches at the waist, what kind of hair and if I’m smart. Her support has helped me become who I am and through the darkest and most terrible moments. However, the fact that my father was the epitome of tolerance, made me stronger, prepared to face the world.”

Ashley believes that if the girl has problems with the perception of her body, she can go to a therapist. But if you don’t want to turn to a professional, follow the “Recipe for happiness” from Ashley: “In a world where everything around is trying to limit the human frame, a sort of “box” of preconceptions and attitudes, self-confidence — a real luxury. Recipes from Ashley? They are simple, but at the same time a little shocking. First, look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself words that work like spells. Hug yourself, caress it, learn. Try to forgive yourself the mistakes that were made once, and it is sometimes very difficult! — and love its originality. And then say, confidently looking myself in the eye: “I love you”. Feel free to talk to yourself is not a sign of madness”.

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