Как купить ламинат и не обжечься на его качестве через 2-3 года

If parquet boards first began to appear in the first half of the last century, speaking of the laminate flooring, we can assume that let him into production in the late twentieth century. In the early 90s the world was shown the latest and future parcelization, which as a result was classified as under different names (laminate, laminated parquet and laminated flooring).

Как купить ламинат и не обжечься на его качестве через 2-3 года

At the moment we already know that in order that the laminate lasts a long time, you need to check the coupler on which it is placed on a coupling should not be allowed to drop is 3mm per 1 square Mestre Paul. This residual material is durable, but if it is laid on the curve of the floor, then over time its locks will begin to break and the floor will squeak. Such flooring with proper selection and installation can serve the owner for 20-30 years. Moreover, the laminate is easily changed, maybe it is not fastened with adhesive or nails, such floors also called floating floors and it is very comfortable, thanks to the quick dismantle parts.

Laminate flooring is guaranteed not susceptible to stains and various dirt, and not capricious in chemical cleaning. It is not necessary as the flooring periodically to Polish, paint or varnish, laminate isn’t bulging or cracking from water (not to be confused with the flood). The top layer of the laminate sufficiently well handled from moisture that would water that gets on the floor and stays there for 1-2 hours is not absorbed into it (of course it is bad when water gets into the joints). The material is also attractive and can blend perfectly with any interior space. Photos courtesy of the shop My laminate Floor.

Как купить ламинат и не обжечься на его качестве через 2-3 года

Как купить ламинат и не обжечься на его качестве через 2-3 года

Как купить ламинат и не обжечься на его качестве через 2-3 года

What is laminate and what it consists of

The material looks like a Board/plank and has a thickness of 0.6 to 1.4 cm, a width of 0.2 m and a length of 120-170 cm, respectively. Laminate planks are made primarily of fiberboard (wood fiber boards).

Base layers:

  • fastening a stabilizing bottom;
  • the main resistant; visible decorative;
  • invisible protective top.

The upper layers are resin insulation made from melamine or acrylate. Cover the upper layers, there are usually one or several layers. It gives the guarantee of a laminated material of the protection from various injuries including chemical and mechanical, and helps to avoid undesirable effects of sunlight.

Decorative layers help to simulate the natural structure of the selected material (rock or wood). The drawing layer is not changed under the influence of negative UV rays.

Как купить ламинат и не обжечься на его качестве через 2-3 года

The Foundation layer (core). Recently, a large part of laminate flooring consists of high density HDF plates with a thickness of 0.6-0.8. The experts describe also sredneplotnyh wood fiber based MDF. The first plate is famous for its moisture resistance of the material and ensure resistance against mechanical impacts.

The bottom layer stabilizes and prevents the laminate from variations in temperature and changes of moisture content in the room.

Modern laminate allowed the contents of a number of additional layers that help to make the individual material characteristics to operate better and better. For the most part build a special film that increases the ability of protection from shocks. Such an auxiliary layer disposed in the interval between the decorative and the primary fixing layer.

Как купить ламинат и не обжечься на его качестве через 2-3 года

The winning qualities of laminate flooring experts indicate the following some useful properties:

  • the thermal conductivity,
  • newsgreece,
  • ease of installation (Assembly),
  • heat resistance (such a flooring is immune to fire: dropping a cigarette butt not extinguished, you will not see on the laminate corresponding trace),
  • hygiene
  • light resistance,
  • resistance from exposure to household products (not subjected to marks)
  • impact resistance,
  • the material is abrasive resistant (high resistance to abrasion),
  • high resistance to prolonged stresses (pressure top).

How to choose laminate Board

It is clear that the choice of any finishing material, we pay attention to its appearance and price. Laminate, it’s just the same stuff that anyone can choose what suits him in pricing and what is pleasant outwardly, because the flooring there are a variety of decors.

Как купить ламинат и не обжечься на его качестве через 2-3 года

Как купить ламинат и не обжечься на его качестве через 2-3 года

Как купить ламинат и не обжечься на его качестве через 2-3 года
Some photos of My German laminate-Floor

Depending on the varieties of flooring, the initial design is based on the accuracy of the operational conditions (level of future load). In terms of durability, the laminate flooring falls into 6 classes/categories: 33, 32, 23, 31, 21, 22. These classes mean load to fracture of the plate. The most popular right now 32 class, its more than enough for the average dwelling.

ATTENTION! Next is the durability of the top layer. Very few people said anything about those classes. They are marked with two letters AC, as they exist from AC2 to AC5. The higher the number, the greater will be the floor. Simply put these classes are responsible for istiraemost pattern.

In practical application, the degree of anticipated load of a laminate is tested for the position:

  • water resistance,
  • ability to withstand the impact of floating furniture on wheels,
  • ability to withstand the impact of furniture moving on the legs,
  • resistance to indentations caused,
  • heat resistance to smoldering cigarettes,
  • durability (abrasion),
  • resistance to contamination.

Upon completion of the above checks, the laminate is assigned a category/class, on the basis of the worst result of the test.

As a conclusion we can say that the laminate can be used:

  • in bedrooms, living rooms,
  • in the kitchen
  • in offices
  • stores
  • malls (only when using the maximum grade)
  • etc.

Even the highest quality laminate flooring will cost You less than natural flooring.

ATTENTION! Before laying the covering material 2 days must lie unpacked in the room where you will be laying.