Как звезды проводили время на «Кинотавре». Эксклюзивные кадры Mikhail Efremov staged a riot and Alexei Vorobyov became a wallflower. “StarHit” find out what the artists at a film festival. Watching the news, relaxing on the beach, parties, restaurants and other entertainment stars we saw throughout the week.

    Как звезды проводили время на «Кинотавре». Эксклюзивные кадры

    Double blow

    52-year-old Mikhail Efremov knows how to surprise – at the opening ceremony of the festival he appeared in the company of girls. As it turned out, it was his 15-year-old daughter Anna-Maria from fourth marriage to actress Xenia Kachalina. Prior to this the girl almost did not come to light, it was easy to see how her unusual attention of journalists. On “Kinotavr” the heiress actor appeared in a brutal manner – painted with a dull-purple color hair.

    Как звезды проводили время на «Кинотавре». Эксклюзивные кадры

    Mikhail Olegovich is also not lagging behind – at first, the actor has appeared in the lobby of the hotel “Pearl” in the “country” Luka: Panama hats, sandals, shorts, a bright Hawaiian shirt. And after the opening ceremony, is lit by staging a race through the lobby of the hotel in… a normal bath robe. To persuade Ephraim to climb back in the room could Viktoriya Tolstoganova and Aleksey Agranovich, however, they managed it at five in the morning. Mikhail Efremov staged a race through the hotel in a Bathrobe. VIDEO


    Как звезды проводили время на «Кинотавре». Эксклюзивные кадры

    Festival guests went into the lead in the evenings on the covered terrace. The main star of the dance floor was recognized as Alexander Revva, which is under the DJ Vitaly Kozak lit with the politician Irina Khakamada, with the actress Irina Grineva. The artist arrived in Sochi to support colleague Alexander Nezlobin, who presented the film “May”.

    Not a Sparrow

    Как звезды проводили время на «Кинотавре». Эксклюзивные кадры

    “The bachelor” Alexei Vorobyov just never know. The singer, who was previously the king of the parties, this time alone and left the event, one of the first. Was he so upset that he met a lady on the project of channel TNT?

    Why Alexei Vorobyov did not choose on the Bachelor

    “Just not in the mood, plus a long flight from Los Angeles”, – said Vorobyov. Also adding that in recent months he has no time to visit the gym, which launched a figure. Oh, all of this would be neglect, Alex.

    Three girls

    Как звезды проводили время на «Кинотавре». Эксклюзивные кадры

    Svetlana Khodchenkova and Katherine Spitz appeared on “Kinotavr” as the enviable bride. They both broke up with lovers: Svetlana with businessman George by Patriliny, and Katya – with Director Marius Weisberg. The girls had fun together, and they sometimes made Anna Tsukanova-Cott. All together, the actress came to the reception in honor of the start of film festivals. However, soon Khodchenkova his left, settling in the company of men on the veranda of a cafe “Neptun”. The conversations lasted well after midnight.


    Как звезды проводили время на «Кинотавре». Эксклюзивные кадры

    “Moms, brag bodies”… Beloved Artem Tkachenko, Ekaterina Steblina, and entered. Now the actress is on the fifth month of pregnancy. The pair spent a lot of time around the pool.

    Caring Artem served Kate a towel, was holding the hand that slipped. In the evening, the lovers did not linger in the cafe. While the couple knows the sex of the baby, “StarHit” Artem said he was very happy. It will be the second child from his marriage with actress Eugenia Krapovickas he brings up three year old son.

    Doubles output

    Dmitry and Tatyana Gurevich, the regulars of “Kinotavr”, which without exaggeration can be called the perfect couple. The couple moved exclusively by the handle and always in the family Luka”, be it the red carpet or going to the restaurant. Lunch Dujeva preferred in his favorite tavern “Dionysus” on the coast, the star Brigade appreciated the local cuisine – ordered khachapuri-a”boat”, but Tatyana, who is watching a figure, prefer something lighter, the salads and fruit. After the meal, the couple invariably went to the private beach, where several hours were devoted to reading of books and Newspapers under the umbrella.

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