Фото лица младшей дочки Бородиной вызвало умиление у поклонников Husband of Kim and Kurban Omarov published in social networks a picture together with children. It is possible to see the face of a small Teona, which is now about six months. Subscribers husband celebrity was delighted with the cute family photos.

      Фото лица младшей дочки Бородиной вызвало умиление у поклонников

      Husband TV presenter Ksenia Borodina shared on social networks a touching photo that captures the moment the family walks. Kurban Omarov and his successors was not scared of the rain and the wind. Despite the inclement weather, the businessman went for a walk with Mary, and Omar little Theon, who was born in December last year.

      In the picture Kurban can be considered part of the face Teona, which his wife Ksenia carefully hides from public attention. After the birth of the baby Borodin photographed her back to the camera so nobody could see what it looks like, ahead of time.

      Fans of Ksenia Borodina was touched a picture of her baby, and also the time family idyll in the pouring rain. Some of them wished the family celebrity every success. “What you’re wonderful”, “Such a bright couple,” “I am Sincerely happy for you,” “Happiness is you”, “So cute”, “Beautiful pictures”, “You are made for each other,” wrote the Internet user in the comments to the photo.

      “Excellent walk despite the rain. #subacaulis #ocherskaya,” wrote the happy dad in his microblog.

      In his interview with the TV presenter admitted that their family lives four: she, Mary, Theon and Eid. The son of the beloved stars from a previous marriage occasionally visits his dad for the weekend. According to Ksenia, Omar turned out to be friends with half-sister Mary as well as his father. She even teaches her little brother English.

      Theon was the first joint child Ksenia Borodina and her husband Kurban Omarov. In recognition of TV stars, they were waiting for her birth. Every minute of communication with the baby, said Ksenia gives her a lot of joy and pleasure. Not to part with his youngest daughter, Borodin put in a house surveillance system. With its help, leading always knows what’s going on with her adorable little girl, and all well with her eldest daughter, a charming Marousi.

      Husband Ksenia Borodina for the first time about his daughter: “It’s an incredible happiness!”

      In addition, once Xenia came out of the decree and returned to filming, she hired a personal doctor for Teona. As a working mom, Borodin needs to be sure that her little girl is perfectly healthy. According to Kseniya, she signed an annual contract with the clinic, and her medical specialist in touch round the clock.

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