Тина Канделаки открыто заявила о замужестве The star ceased to hide the fact that she is happily married. Last night Tina Kandelaki watched the match Russia-England, held in the framework of the European Championship, and at the end of the tournament was given to understand that she and her husband are in awe of what is happening.

      Тина Канделаки открыто заявила о замужестве

      For a long time about the marital status of Tina Kandelaki only various rumors. While some assumed that the star is completely immersed in the work, and time for personal life she has simply no, others speculated about her Affairs with men. In December of last year, the General producer of “Match TV” provoked conversations about the secret marriage, but the assumptions of the fans were not confirmed.

      Tina Kandelaki receiving congratulations on the marriage

      This time the star lifted the veil of secrecy and made it clear that she was indeed not alone. Moreover, she’s married. The news that Kandelaki is happily married, to the amazement of many, she shared herself. After the match Russia-England, which took place yesterday in the Championship of Europe, Tina left on Twitter the emotional note: “Husband in ecstasy! Me too! Neighbor, native, did not disappoint!”

      Тина Канделаки открыто заявила о замужестве

      Unexpected recognition has not gone unnoticed, and today fans of the owner of the restaurant “Tinatin” talking about it to a married lady. By the way, at the end of last year attentive subscribers microblog stars spotted on her ring finger a wedding ring, but then Tina did not respond to the talk of a possible marriage.

      Information about who became the darling of the stars, also no longer is a mystery. Husband of Tina Kandelaki — Director of communications and strategic development of rostec Vasily Brovko. Earlier man was often seen in the company of charming celebrities, but to comment on their relationship, they were in no hurry.

      By the way, earlier Kandelaki was already married — at the dawn of her career she was married to businessman Andrey Kondrahina, which gave birth to a daughter, Melania and son Leontius. This Union collapsed five years ago.

      Read more about marriage of Tina Kandelaki, her relationship with her beloved husband and family traditions read in one of recent issues of the magazine “StarHit”.

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