Домашняя пыль может вызвать бесплодие и рак

American researchers studied the composition of house dust. And came to a frightening conclusion…

Scientists from the Institute of public health Milken at the George Washington University has studied the composition of the dust in homes USA. The results of a study published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology, was very frightening…

How figured out the experts, house dust contains 45 potentially toxic chemicals. Among them was a substance called TDCIPP, known as a carcinogen.

How do these threat components get into our apartment? It’s simple: it contained in building materials, furniture and normal household items. First, they fall to dust, and then in our bodies, and, as scientists say, this can happen even through the skin. At particular risk are children who are known to love playing on the floor.

The list of potential threats, which lead scientists, frightens cancer, asthma, infertility, delayed neural development, and even reduced IQ. And the so-called phthalates found in dust, can disrupt hormones, causing a wide range of health problems.

To reduce the risk of disease, experts advise more often to spend damp cleaning in apartment, washing hands, and more attentive to the composition of household products.