Ведущая программы «На 10 лет моложе» посвятила тату любимому Svetlana Abramova and her Deputy filled the same paintings on their bodies. The lovers could not determine the options, but ultimately failed to reach an agreement. In recognition of the couple, for them it is a serious step, which not everyone will dare.

      Ведущая программы «На 10 лет моложе» посвятила тату любимому

      Recently host of the show “10 years younger” Svetlana Abramova has received a proposal of marriage from her beloved Anton Larsen. Solemn day, when they say each other “Yes” will come in June of this year, so the preparation for the big event is in full swing. But no wedding planning, no tight work schedule do not interfere with the future newlyweds enjoy each other, to experiment and do unusual things.

      For example, Valentine’s day will be long remembered Light and her fiance – they posvetili each other matching tattoos. “The idea came to us a very long time, – says a leading program. First we discussed it in jest, said that’s great to do the same tattoo that always reminds us about each other, about our love relationship.”

      Groom screen star admitted that they chose the pattern and couldn’t decide. “We wanted to make it in the shape of a heart and infinity sign, there was a version with the letters A and S, which have been brought together in this form,” – says the husband-to-be Lights. Now on the feet of the lovers adorn the first letters of their names, written in an unusual font.

      Ведущая программы «На 10 лет моложе» посвятила тату любимому“At first glance, and it is not clear that is two letters: it seems that this is some kind of character and what he represents – says the bride. I love it so much”.
      Ведущая программы «На 10 лет моложе» посвятила тату любимому

      Tattoo parlor Light and Anton was chosen on the recommendation of friends, it is no wonder that the master was amazed by the confidence of the guys that did not offer any alternatives. “Only asked that we some time are not rubbing against each other legs,” laughed the groom.

      How did you learn the “StarHit”, in the relations of lovers are the rules. “If there is an idea, and one of us is categorically against, it just hangs in the air and turns in its development, says Light. Anton also admitted that the word “quarrel” they were not familiar with. The guys are trying to feel each other constantly to maintain harmony in relationships. “Even when you’re sad, on the contrary, we want each other to pull, and not to be a stranger,” – says Anton Larsen.

      “Yes, and we are good teachers and students for each other – adds Svetlana. – As teachers, we very tactfully and clearly explained, and how the students take something from each other. When I was little, I always asked: “Mom, what will you give me for a birthday? – says the girl. – She replied: “Svetochka, I’ll give you my love!” me crazy it hurt and upset, I was sad, I thought, why all got toys and I love, and only now I realize what a gift and what is now Anton and give each other love, is really very valuable!”
      Ведущая программы «На 10 лет моложе» посвятила тату любимому

      Fans Abramova ceases not happy for my darling and say that she made the right choice.