Илья Яббаров угрожает Рустаму Солнцеву судом Ex-participant of “House-2” did not like that he was in “the ghouls”. The man demanded a public apology and removal of your name from rating the biggest losers of the project. Rustam Solntsev commented on the reaction of Elijah Jabbarova and made it clear that he would not abandon his words.

    Recently a former member of telestroke Rustam Solntsev released the pilot plot of the program “TOK! CHTO?”, which has announced the top ten, in his opinion, the most “at Warhol’s” characters “House-2” for all years of the project. In the list of “vampires” Solntseva got Wenceslas vengrzhanovsky, Evgeny Rudnev Nikolay Dolzhansky, Gauguin Solntsev, the President and other members. Topped the rating of the showman’s former beloved teledive Alena Vodonaevoy May Apricots.

    Got a place in the list, named it as Rustam, a “Cockerel on a stick” and ex-member of the project Ilya Yabbarov. According to Solntseva, he awarded him 9-th place for the post of the head of the facility – makeshift prison, which operated on the territory of “House-2” in the past year.

    “Honestly, it Krilo like it said in the program about Jabbarova sun. But he too boasted that he worked as a military and police officer and then became a guard at the “House-2”, working as a warden of the “prison” of the “House-2″. It sucks!”

    The response from Jabbarova not long to wait. Even during the day, before the sun has published in his microblog a link to the first release on YouTube, Ilya wrote showman the message in the social network, which was asked to remove his name from the “list of vampires”. But Rustam did not do that and two days after the premiere of the program Yabbarov laid out in his microblog a video message to Solntsev.

    The publication is from ILYA YABBAROV (@yabbarov_555) Feb 16 2017 1:53 PST

    “It is my appeal to the bonehead Rustam Solntsev Petrovich, – I began Ilya. – Differently I can not name it… We never were friends, and take me Lord and such friends. Yes, we have jobs on the set, but this does not mean that Rustam in his program you can insult my name. Rustam, I’ll remind you about the law of the Russian Federation. If today will not be a public apology, I guarantee you that our next meeting will be held in court. Wait for the agenda! And in the worst case I’ll send you to a mental hospital to have you back.”

    Solntseva action Jabbarova only amused.

    “No apologies, I do not intend to bring, – said Rustam situation “StarHit”. – The lack of a sense of self-irony the man is a terrible disease. Let Ilya will learn from people like Stepan Menshikov, this fine quality. If he is serious about his person, I feel sorry for him. I wish him all the best, let them sue!”