Надежда Грановская открывает магазин одежды The singer decided to try his hand in business. Fans of Hope Granovskaya well known as she loves beautiful clothes. Artist have long been passionate about creating clothes.

      Надежда Грановская открывает магазин одежды

      “Nadia with all my heart approaches this project, says “StarHit” artist husband, businessman Mikhail Urzhumtsev. – It happens every other day in the store, all controls, making adjustments. The boutique’s design, in short, be described as “Argentine tango” – his wife also developed itself. At the opening of Nadia will also present a second capsule collection of clothing. She personally flies for fabrics factory in Italy. Of course, I support her in all endeavors, and congratulate on the opening”.

      We will remind, in may 2015, the star has announced that started making women’s clothing. Granovsky then admitted that he originally wanted to do an exclusive underwear, but soon refused from this idea.

      “Eight years ago I had the idea to create a lingerie collection – shared Hope meyher-Granovskaya almost a year ago. – I have studied the question of production technology, input – and realized that this is an expensive and complex undertaking. For example, all paid off, the party should be big, and I wanted more exclusive. So, considering all pros and cons, put the idea on the back burner. Recently it dawned on me. When decorated the interior in the living room in a country house, wrapped the candles with the lace is my favorite material. In the evening came into the room, saw how nicely they burn, and thought, “Beautiful may be the only woman in tight fishnet skirt”.

      In the first line of clothing Meiher by Meiher was about 70 models. Pencil skirts were made from lace on contrast lining, tank tops with prints lines from poems of Hope. First outfits from the ex-soloist of “VIA gra” was sold exclusively on the Internet, and now everyone will have a great opportunity to appreciate the full range of live.

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