Сын Дэвида Бэкхема скрывает роман с дочерью тренера Brooklyn spends his free time with his daughter Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho: not so long ago, young people were seen together in one of night clubs of London. However, the agents of the star children refute the information about their relationship.

      Сын Дэвида Бэкхема скрывает роман с дочерью тренера

      17-year-old eldest son of David and Victoria Beckham with Brooklyn childhood was surrounded by increased attention to his person. No wonder he and his legal representatives have not commented on more than the companionship of Brooklyn with a well-known girl in one of the entertainment venues of London. The young man, apparently, does not want to once again noise around, and the reason is, and potentially it is very loud. Teenager “caught” along with 19-year-old daughter Jose Mourinho Matilda. Young people left a party at trendy London club.

      A sensation of “football couple” was picked up by foreign media. But a source close to the family of Beckham, denied the information about the tender relationship between the children of two sports stars. He told reporters that Beckham’s son is not Dating a daughter Jose Mourinho. No more comments from close to the celebrities or their agents have not received

      Сын Дэвида Бэкхема скрывает роман с дочерью тренера

      We will remind, Brooklyn Beckham, unlike father, does not play football. He prefers skateboarding and art. In early 2016 it was announced the cooperation of the brand Burberry and Brooklyn as a photographer. The young man has been shooting the advertising campaign of the brand. This caused a mixed reaction from the public: the British company was accused of “nepotism”, because with her earlier repeatedly collaborated and Brooklyn’s brother Romeo.

      Сын Дэвида Бэкхема скрывает роман с дочерью тренера

      About the personal life of Brooklyn known that he meets with a young model Sonia Ben Ammar. Young people are constantly seen together, and at the end of February Beckham with the girl and friends celebrated her 16th birthday at Disneyland. Reaction Sony photo Brooklyn with Matilda still unknown.

      Previously it was known that Matilda Jose Mourinho for a long time is in a relationship with his classmate from the prestigious harrow School. She has managed to acquaint him with his grandfather. 19-year-old Danny Graham is the namesake of the 30-year-old striker, “Blackburn Rovers”, in connection with which for a long time the girl was considered to be in a relationship with English footballer. In addition, Matilda was attributed an affair with her boyfriend, 22-year-old singer, soloist of the band One Direction with Niall Horan by. However, according to the representative of girls, they are “just friends”.

      Meanwhile, David Beckham does not hide his sympathy for the ex-Chelsea Manager, whose place now is Guus Hiddink. In interviews, former football player called Jose Mourinho a “genius” and “one of the best coaches in the world” and expressed hope for the return of Mourinho to the Premier League.

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