Guf intriguing new lover

Гуф интригует новой возлюбленной Fans of the rapper have calculated his mysterious companion. Guf claims to have found a new love. Despite this, his ex, Anastasia Kishkina, says that he wants her back.

      Гуф интригует новой возлюбленной

      Guf knocked fans off. The infamous rapper has published in his microblog photo with a new girl. The caption to the picture sounds like a provocation. “I think this is my new love,” she says. Fans of the star began to wonder who is this beautiful stranger, with whom their pet travels across the United States.

      I must say that the rapper is having a great time with friends in America. He visited the hospitable Los Angeles, then went to solar Miami. And everywhere it is accompanied by a mysterious companion, whose name he conceals. Moreover, the Guf does not even want to show the girl’s face.

      Гуф интригует новой возлюбленной

      One of the photos that was done in a fairly intimate setting, the performer lies with his beloved in bed. Her face hidden under the mask of a tigress.

      Meanwhile, some fans still managed to understand that it’s not his previous girlfriend named Lesya. “Not she. It is full to the neck and not hide the face”, “give me Gavito, monogamy is not about you”, “it doesn’t matter who he is. The main thing that he was happy” – they wrote.

      Гуф интригует новой возлюбленной

      While most fans of Aleksey Dolmatov, the name of the Guf in my life, was wondering who his new love, the most attentive saw the girl friend of the rapper named Leela. “The photo with their sneakers was Alesha, and in Israel together. And flew to America to Alesha the other day. So there is no doubt”, “And pool it together with Lesha in one walk”, “of Course, it Lilica,” said they.

      Гуф интригует новой возлюбленной

      Whoever is the new friend in the Guf, and the infamous Anastasia Kichkina continues to say that the actor still wants to return. According to the girl, which for the sake of the rapper left the project “Dom-2”, Alex tries to leave with it on communication and even offers to meet. “He, as I understand it, went back to his ex-girlfriend added me in black list in all social networks. But now, regularly, once a week, “pulls” me out of this black list and begins to write what he wanted to see. This usually happens at four or five in the morning when I’m sleeping,” says Ciurcina in an interview with reporters. Dolmatov this information has not commented.

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