Звезды Голливуда вышли на улицы с лозунгами против Дональда Трампа Celebrities took part in a demonstration held the day before the inauguration of the newly elected head of America. The rally was addressed actors Julianne Moore, Robert De Niro, mark Ruffalo, Cynthia Nixon, singer cher and directed by Michael Moore. The opinion was also expressed by the mayor of new York bill De Blasio.

      Yesterday in new York held a rally against newly elected President of America. The demonstration took place near the skyscraper, “trump tower” in Manhattan. Bad weather has not prevented to gather thousands of people. The protest was attended by celebrities, including Robert De Niro, Alec Baldwin, cher, Julianne Moore, Sally field, Rosie Perez, Cynthia Nixon, mark Ruffalo, Michael Moore, and mayor bill De Blasio.

      Donald trump became the new President of the United States

      The people that came to the rally against the election of Donald trump President of the United States, criticized his views and put forward demands to the administration of the President. They chanted: “who has the power? We”. Protestants also stressed that they are ready to resist. Many demonstrators spoke in support of the democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

      The General tone of the action was asked by the mayor of new York, as well as world-class stars. The first was Robert De Niro. “Donald trump is a bad example for this city and the country”, – said the actor.

      Alec Baldwin is visibly amused present a parody of the recently elected President. Earlier, the actor demonstrated it in the evening show Saturday Night Live. The actor also complained about the bad weather. “It’s hard to stand for long in the cold. I want to use the toilet, but so be it, I will suffer,” said Baldwin in the image of the newly elected head of state.

      Then Alec shared his views on how to work the presidential administration.

      “All these people think that we can break. But they don’t understand that new Yorkers never give up. I’m a parent. Our children it is never too late to learn what happens and also to learn how to become real Americans who want require full transparency of their government,” said Baldwin.

      By the way, the Donald trump critical of the performances of celebrities. “I tried to watch the show – it’s impossible! Completely biased, not funny, and a parody of Baldwin worse. Sorry” – with these words, the billionaire expressed his impressions of the popular program.

      Recall that the demonstration took place the day before the inauguration of Donald trump, which will take place in Washington. It will be held January 20 at 11:30 local time. After the oath, Obama will fly to a military base and near the White house will host a parade. It is expected that the solemn ceremony will be attended by hundreds of thousands of people, including Hillary and bill Clinton, George Bush and Jimmy Carter.