Элину Камирен вынудили оставить дочь For the sake of the young mother had to make that sacrifice. TV presenter flew to the Emirates to take in the is luxury clothing brand. Little Sasha was not accustomed to be without her care, but she explained why we should wait.

      Элину Камирен вынудили оставить дочь

      Presenter Elina Kamiren a day not sitting idle, to provide a decent life for themselves and their two years old daughter Sasha. Recently the celebrity went to the United Arab Emirates, to take part in the filming of advertising luxury brand of clothing, accessories, fur and other items of clothing. Together with Elina in Dubai arrived Alena Shishkova and other bright representatives of show-business.To leave for work Kamiren had to be separated with her daughter.

      “I’m very hard to survive separation, because this is the first time we’re parted with Sasha, says star “StarHit”. I left Sasha, so don’t worry – she is in good hands. Yes, and the baby is still very young to figure out that I’m gone too long and bored me. But I seriously miss… But I couldn’t refuse, because to participate in such a prestigious project is an honor for me because the brand has boutiques around the world: in Monaco, London, Saint-Tropez, and the company interesting: only one Victoria Bonia is worth something! She has several years working with the brand to promote her own clothing line. And I’ll be honest, the fees for the proposed large – one million roubles. Plus you can choose a few chic coats is a good bonus, considering our winters. The contract is for a year, so I think fly to the shooting have more than once. But another separation I will not survive, so next time I will take my daughter with me”.

      His Arab tale Elina generously shares on social media, causing fans to admire her life blog celebrity adorn luxury cars, charming dresses and photos of dishes of the finest restaurants. The celebrity will stay in the Emirates for a few days.

      “I try all the time to be with docena to call her every two hours, but, of course, still miss her very much…” says Elina.