The phenomenon of Olga Buzova: how she made us love her and hate

Феномен Ольги Бузовой: как она заставила нас ее любить и ненавидеть Today, the TV presenter celebrates 31st birthday. “StarHit” decided to find out what is the secret of popularity of Olga Buzova and how she managed for 13 years to become a star, whose name does not leave the pages of glossy magazines.

      Феномен Ольги Бузовой: как она заставила нас ее любить и ненавидеть

      For the first time about the girl from St. Petersburg Olya Buzova talking 13 years ago. She came to the popular project “Dom-2” and held on telestroke four years. It is even recognized as the best participant in the entire history of reality TV. For several years the name of Olga Buzova leaves the pages of magazines and the way of stars copied by thousands of girls. Today, the TV presenter celebrates 31st birthday. “StarHit” decided to recall why the viewers and users of social networks can not remain indifferent to it, for that I love and hate.

      “It has potential”

      Феномен Ольги Бузовой: как она заставила нас ее любить и ненавидеть

      After participating in the project “Dom-2” spectacular blonde knew thousands of viewers. At that time Olga dabbled in the acting field, conducted concerts and has published books with Roman Tretyakov, a young man she met on telestroke. People follow life Buzova, noted that it has the potential and desire to grow. The work “Roman with Buzova. Story of the most beautiful love” was done a talk show, which led a popular pair of “House-2”.

      A former boyfriend of Olga Buzova tried to humiliate her in the air

      “I remember riding around Moscow in a pink van that led the heading “beware of stylists!” in the show “Morning on TNT”! Then there was radio a “Pop” of the TV show “Black label”, led beauty contest “Miss Russian radio”, participated in “dancing with the stars”… But an important stage in 2007, I wrote a book “Business in heels. Tips stylish blonde”. Nobody helped me! The idea of the book thanks to the fans – they attacked me: tell me how to do crunches how to do curly hair… by the Way, I introduced the fashion for curls, yet they began to twist after I appeared on the screen with this styling!” – Olga reminisced about those times.

      Buzova was able to win the love of millions of people, and in 2008 she became the leading telestroke. The girl has replaced Ksenia Sobchak, who decided to engage in social activities.

      “The image of the dumb blonde”

      Феномен Ольги Бузовой: как она заставила нас ее любить и ненавидеть

      Face Buzova was flickering on the TV screens every day. The public began to discuss the party with participation of stars and fashionistas in a hurry to buy a dress like the leading telestroke. Several times Olga experimented with hairstyles, and has also appeared at social events in dresses of pink. It was compared with Barbie and watched her every move. Leading has admitted that sometimes she could not hold back and respond to criticism.

      “I confess, replied to Internet hate. Not knowing what I can hate, addressed in the posts to his detractors. Sometimes I respond to comments that fans make screens correspondence and place them on your page, share their joy: “And I Olga Buzova was texting,” said Buzova “StarHit”.

      “If I’m not with them, it will be better”

      Феномен Ольги Бузовой: как она заставила нас ее любить и ненавидеть

      In 2011, Olga started to look for a future husband. The presenter appeared on the program “Let’s get married.” Her bad luck with men, none of them called her down the aisle, and the relationship disintegrated.

      “I will never interfere in other people’s marriage,” said Buzova, when Larisa Guzeeva hinted at her interest in married men. Then, in show business, discussed the relationship of Olga and hockey player Nikita Kashirsky.

      However, in 2012, Buzova still met his happiness. Her choice was a football player Dmitry Tarasov. By the way, Olga broke the rule, which was mentioned earlier. Many detractors accused Olga that she took the footballer of the family. The striker is survived by his wife Oksana and daughter angelina-Anna. Olga took family and friends Tarasova, and in the Network on the TV presenter was bombarded with hundreds of angry comments.

      “A month and a half after meeting for the first time we went to Deminym parents. Mother Olga gave me Slippers, we talked about everything, dad Alex was making fun of a son – here, they say, we’re students of the Moscow football school, and you went and picked the lady… He was very positive, he liked to joke. It is a pity that we hardly talked with him: in the same year, he was gone. Words can not convey how suffering Dima. I first saw his tears. We have been through this grief together. In such moments it is not necessary to demand attention, words of love – I was just there holding his hand… Man, it is important to understand that with your woman it can be genuine: to Express all that pent up, shut up, as you want…” – shared Ludmila.

      However, Olga could not be happy in marriage with Dimitri. Their Union collapsed in December 2016. As did the users of the Networks, punish her fate because she stole the man of the family. It was rumored that one of the reasons for divorce was adultery on the part Tarasova. Divorce of Olga Buzova: how was this “perfect marriage”

      Many friends, colleagues and fans have supported Olga in this difficult period of time. Grandmother TV presenter Tamara advised her granddaughter not to give up. “They say: “Leave him! You make yourself another!” She has done very well – all she has achieved,” said a relative.

      Fans left warm words on the page of Olga, as could not stay indifferent to the suffering of celebrities. “Something unpleasant with it,” “Poor, patience to you,” “dear, everything will be fine. You umnichka, do not read negative posts”, “now whatever happened, hang in there and be happy,” wrote the followers Buzova.

      “Don’t sing”

      The parting with her husband was forced Olga to take in the work, in particular, the girl continued to record songs. In 2011, people heard the song “never forget” T-Killah and Buzova end of 2016 completely conquered the charts with the track “the sounds of kissing.” Social networks exploded with negativity to the stars.

      “Olga, with all due respect to you, to sing it’s not yours. Better to be a good leading designer, than a bad singer”, “Olya, nothing personal, but You can’t sing,have pity on the people!” “Olga, you look very well, very nice girl, but stop embarrassing yourself”, “Plywood rushing. Britney is sleeping. Buzova sausage”, “Sing – it’s not yours,” wrote the haters under every post Olga.

      Buzova is oblivious to the anger on the part of users of social networks, but only seeks forward. Celebrity is preparing to conquer new heights: to assemble huge concert hall and to play in a new year broadcast. The second composition of Olga, who is called “getting Used to”, was released on the eve of her birthday. Olga Buzova about the past: “I don’t hurt anymore”

      “For me it’s a New year, my 31st year. I used to Wake up alone and be strong! Strong enough to no longer be afraid of betrayal from the family! Don’t be afraid to get a knife in the back from those for whom ready to give his life… Today your birthday, I want to give myself and of course to you my new song! I hope that it will resonate in your hearts,” addressed to His fans.

      Buzova will celebrate 31st birthday in Spain, which have already arrived her friend. The company will go to one of the local restaurants, where the planned Banquet. According to some, the girl is preparing to acquire in a Mediterranean country estate. Fans of the TV presenter is excited that she is going to move there to live. “Spain is my country” – signed Olga one of the frames made in Madrid.