Голливудский медиум пообщался с духом Анны Николь Смит

Since the death of Anna Nicole Smith , it took almost ten years. All these years Larry Birkhead, the dead woman’s fiancé and father of her daughter Dannielynn raising the baby himself and still mourns the love of his life. Yesterday in the promotional teaser of the program “Hollywood medium Tyler Henry” psychic helped the widower to contact the spirit of the deceased.

Голливудский медиум пообщался с духом Анны Николь Смит
After said Larry, the medium knocked him the information that he just couldn’t know. For example, said that he and Nicole would leave each other notes on the mirror with lipstick that was found in may, and that at this moment on Birkede was funny hat.

“I am shocked, he could not know that,” said Larry astonished. What else the psychic said Barkedu will be known next week when the program will air.
Recall that Daelin was only five months old when her mother, 39-year-old Anna Nicole Smith died of a drug overdose. It happened in February 2007, soon after tragically died the eldest son of the model. Anna was depressed, and even a little girl couldn’t stop her from discharge and longing for the firstborn.
Shortly after the death of Dannielynn, and with it the inheritance of Anne, began to claim many lovers Smith, but in April of that year, Larry received full custody of my daughter.