Линдси Лохан наслаждается одиночеством

Lindsay Lohan is in an active search. However, she is not looking for the bridegroom and herself. Thirty controversial actress has published on his page in the social network of “bed” photo, in which she is shown wrapped in a blanket, and signed it:

“Solitude – the best way to find yourself.”
By the way, the picture was taken in one of the Moscow hotels. In the capital, Lindsay came to star in a talk show of Andrei Malakhov “Let them talk”, and talk about albeit short-lived, but very bright affair with a Russian businessman Yegor Tarasovym.
Recall that Lohan’s stay in Russia has not passed without incident – the Hollywood celeb was in a terrible state of intoxication, which were not able to get into a shooting program. Had Andrei Malakhov personally go for star hotel and beg her to appear at a scheduled broadcast.
Posteris a bit, Lindsay agreed to have worked with her stylists, after which the program was recorded. In the air it will appear tomorrow, September 21.