Дом, в котором вырос Гарри Поттер, продают за полмиллиона фунтов

The house in which Harry Potter was not originally the room, and had to be content with cupboard under the stairs for sale.

Townhouse in British town Bracknell, which all fans of the franchise “Harry Potter” know as the family home of the Dursleys on Privet drive can now be purchased by anyone. Of course, those who can afford it. The current owners have estimated his estate at 475 thousand pounds. It is possible that the home price was a little high, considering the fact that essentially, it is from this point begins the story of Harry Potter.

Note that the house was built just in time for the filming of the first film in the franchise – “Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone. It is located in a quiet and pleasant place that is surrounded by forest. By the way, there were also shot some scenes of the movie.

By the way, the current owners of the house bought it in 2010 for 290 thousand pounds. Now they obviously want to make some money on your purchase.