Хилария Болдуин показала округлившийся животик

A young and very active wife of Alec Baldwin Hilaria continues to be true to yourself and to share with her fans all the mysteries of his family life.

32-year-old Hilary, as you know, in a short time will give star husband, their third joint child. Apparently, this woman is very proud, because publishes photos of pregnant belly in a social network.

“Begins our third trip, wrote Baldwin. — When I was pregnant with Carmen, I didn’t have the guts to do it. But when it was to be Raphael, I every 2 weeks was taking shots of my belly and published photos. I wanted to say that you should not be ashamed of their pregnancy… We give birth to new life, and it’s a miracle. Every pregnancy is individual and is different. Therefore, we need to see and know what is happening with us.”

Recall, Hilaria Thomas and her 57-year-old beloved Alec Baldwin exchanged klatwa fidelity in June 2012. During the time that the pair together, they gave birth to two children: 2-year-old daughter Carmen Gabriela and 8-month-old son Raphael.


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