Марию Шарапову пригласили рекламировать «Вятский квас»

We previously reported that a number of Western companies refused further cooperation with the Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova from-for scandal with doping. Brands like Nike, Porsche and even the UN refused to have relations with an athlete before clarification of all details. But the Russians don’t throw. Company “Vyatka kvass” invited Mary to be their face.

“We can be quite sure: as soon as the scandal broke, it turned Nike, Porsche, some watch company. “Vyatka brew”, of course, not Nike, not Porsche, we do not have such finances, but we offer Maria Sharapova cooperation in any acceptable format,” — said in the company’s management.
Press Secretary of the “Vyatka kvass” Vladimir Mamatov said that they respect the work of a famous compatriot, and their decision is based on a healthy patriotism. what’s more, among the company’s employees are former athletes, and for them “this act will be an added meaning.”

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