Герои 16-го сезона «Битвы экстрасенсов»: все интервью, фото и жизнь после проекта The TNT channel has prepared a big surprise for all fans of “the Battle of psychics.” During the day, viewers will be able to view all the series 16th season of the mystical show on television to see their favorite participants and remember how they won the love of millions of fans. The main heroes of the project became the winner of the season Victoria Raydos, Marilyn Kerro, Nicole Kuznetsov and Sergei Pakhomov.

      In 2015, the screens out the 16th season of “the Battle of psychics”, which is remembered by many fans of unusual project challenges, conflicting parties and unexpected results of the final release. It was one of the most intriguing seasons in the history of the program. Spectators to the last could not determine the strongest psychic, as each of them tried as best as possible to pass a difficult test. It is noteworthy that some participants became especially popular after the completion of filming. They constantly receive offers of cooperation, because one day, they had to prove their uniqueness.

      Tantrums and tears at the “Battle of psychics”

      The main parties 16-season were Victoria Raydos, Marilyn Kerro, Sergey Pakhomov, better known as grandpa Groin, and Nicole Smith. Each of them has distinguished himself in the “Battle of psychics”, demonstrating a strong extraordinary ability. Because of this, many fans of the program still continue to monitor what is going on in their life outside the movie set.

      Favorites “the battle of psychics”: the viewers who are tipped to win


      Clairvoyant immediately remembered by the viewers. At the first test it became clear that this woman is determined. She easily coped with each job, she was not afraid to climb on the roofs of high-rise buildings, to penetrate indoors, to get into the basement and find people. Raydos always remained discreet and did not allow emotions to take over. But sometimes she could not contain my emotions when I had to work with the souls of the dead. It was hard to withstand the pressure exerted on it, but she managed.

      Victoria Raydos about the victory in the “Battle of psychics”: “This was a major test in my life”

      The woman has repeatedly stated that he is not trying to please somebody or to please. She stayed true to himself and his own principles, who confidently led her to victory. Most importantly, what did Victoria is that she’s really willing to help people by telling them what he thinks is necessary.

      Victoria Raydos: “After what happened in my life, hurts I will not be”

      “I tell people what you have to say. I’m the Priestess of the Cult of the Ancestors and not your own. As a person, I can empathize with them or feel sorry for, but in this case will cease to be a professional. You, for example, I would like to be spared?” – said in an interview with “StarHit” the winner of the 16th season of “Battle of psychics”

      It should be noted that even when Raidos managed to get dolgozhdannyy “Blue hand”, a few fans were aware of her personal life. The woman admitted that they do not like to talk much about the family. However, after a year of medium often shares with her followers photos little daughter Varya. She even created her own account.

      Little daughter Victoria Raydos becomes the star’s Instagram


      Husband clairvoyant Basil Boycotts tries to help her get through and not prepyatstvuet the fact that the woman arranged personal sessions, conducted workshops, and acted in the program “Psychics lead the investigation”. St. Petersburg witch continues to stay out of sight of their fans. She often tells them about his plans in Instagram and shares touching family photos. Most recently, the family of Victoria went on holiday to Thailand.

      Victoria Raydos took the child abroad


      Estonian clairvoyant remembered by the viewers even in the 14th season of the program. But then she only took second place, losing the victory to his beloved Alexander the Sheps. Two years later, the girl decided to test himself and took part in the 16th “Battle of psychics”. Her appearance in the first test at the car was surprising permanent skeptic Sergei Safronov. He noted that Mary has changed a lot. And he was right, because clairvoyant in each issue have demonstrated an incredible ability. It is easy to read information about the past, determine what the photo is in the envelope or who is hiding behind the wall. Kerro needed quite a bit of time to find a man or determine what the problem turned to her.

      Witch Marilyn Kerro became ill at the “Battle of psychics”

      All this time the country was closely watching her relationship with Alexander Sheps. There were rumors that the couple plan to get married, but it soon became clear that Mary does not want to tie the knot.

      Psychic Marilyn Kerro refused weddings

      Repeatedly, the Network has emerged that Kerro is in an interesting position. Polonici were convinced that the girl is pregnant because she posted on the social network rather ambiguous pictures. However, after some time, Mary herself has denied arising rumors. It should be noted that the girl often had to make excuses for his personal life. Even after “the battle of psychics” interest is not lost, but instead increased in connection with her participation in the program “Psychics lead the investigation”. She, along with her lover Alexander Sheps tried to help people in distress.

      Marilyn Kerro intrigued by the wedding

      After the end of the 16th season of Marilyn Kerro continued to engage in self-development, produce special bracelets and charms. They, along with Sheps organized workshops, seminars and staged private parties. Detractors several times managed to discredit the girl’s name, stating the end of their relationship with Alexander.

      Witch Marilyn Kerro opens new business

      “I hate to read something about yourself. What they see on television is only 20% of my personality. It is a shame, but I try not to pay attention. Never hide your emotions on the air. Although because of this some think that I’m hysterical. Emotions cannot be contained, it leads to disease. I say in the face. And all my decisions myself,” – shared Kerro in an interview with “StarHit”.

      For a long time the girl didn’t dare to speak about the results of his second coming at the “Battle of psychics.” Some believed that the girl came back in the 17th season, but the confidence was not.

      Groin and Marilyn Kerro can re-fight “the Battle of psychics”

      It was rumored that with her will be suddenly left the program Sergey Pakhomov. It turned out to be only half-true: Marilyn Kerro really became a member of new editions of the transmission, but the Groin has devoted itself to the movie industry.

      Marilyn Kerro: “I went to the “Battle of psychics” not to win”


      This participant of “Battle of psychics” viewers remembered as the grandfather Pahom. First appeared on the set, he caused first bewilderment of illusionist Sergey Safronov. The man was weird and spoke in an unusual way. All this has prompted skeptics to the idea that in front of them quack. However, after some time everyone realized that he is a powerful psychic who formed konkreciu all participants. He simply told people about the facts that they themselves could not recall. Psychic quickly immersed in a trance, could easily communicate with the netherworld by means of special techniques.

      Grandfather Pahom makes you cry and laugh at the “Battle of psychics”

      “I have a task of the educational wing. By his example, I show you how to live. In its opinion, of course. It is necessary to develop and promote ambiguity. That is, the multiplicity of a particular phenomenon. In my coordinate system is a fully fit – this mess, this confusion, inconsistency”, – shared his opinion of the “StarHit” grandfather Groin.

      Grandfather Pahom treated his participation in the “Battle of psychics” with light irony, as it had not watched a single episode of the programme. He didn’t know what to cook. But as it turned out, the man quickly adapted and even began to pull ahead of the competition. Interestingly, Sergey Pakhomov until recently would not be podat application for the qualifying round, but friends convinced him otherwise. They saw that their friend has the amazing ability to tell the whole country.

      Participant of “Battle of psychics”: “the Groin is not a living person. This hero of the 21st century”

      Already with the first release, it became clear that grandfather Pahom – this nugget, which the project never happened. He tried to keep the maximum back with each of those present on the set. All saw him as a kind and helpful person, although he not knew who he was. The answer to this question, by his own admission, the psychic couldn’t find all my life. Nevertheless, the audience loved him and believed that he would surely reach the finals.

      “I’m psychic whacky. I deliberately fall into a trance. My techniques and practices can seem like a crazy dance,” – said in the beginning of the season the grandfather Groin.

      After several editions of Sergei Pakhomov said unexpectedly that he was leaving “the Battle of psychics.” It shocked everyone in the program, because they were sure that the man will not be anyone to give up their place in the final. Moreover, the jury had decided that black sleeve need to put pictures of Iolanta Raven and her daughter. They were supposed to exit the program. However, grandfather Pahom decided to voluntarily leave.

      “I build a myth about yourself. So right now all the laws of myth, of reticence. I’m more interested in the feeling that people are experiencing, looking at me, rather than some kind of specification”, – said Sergey Pakhomov in an exclusive interview with “StarHit”.

      Why Groin is gone from “the battle of psychics”

      Fans of Ded Pahom was so outraged by the incident that launched a massive protest, demanding the return of the psychic back into the program. However, the producers of transmission could not meet the request of viewers, as Sergei Pakhomov made the decision and was not going to abandon it. They informed the fans that it was connected not only with the noble impulse of men, but personal reasons.

      #Pahangensis: fans launched a massive campaign

      Immediately after the departure of “the battle of psychics” the man returned in cinematograf. The scandalous film Director Valeria Gai Germanicus invited him to work on one film. The woman repeatedly expressed sympathy to Sergey Pakhomov as a professional in the film world. After the increased interest is definitely could play the filmmakers on hand.

      Groin after the “Battle of psychics” in films

      Sergey Pakhomov, known for such films as “the Green elephant”, “Marx”, “Head” and “Five bottles of vodka”. Now he cooperates with the guy Valeriya. Together they create a new serial work. Literally at the end of last summer, the Director shared footage from their joint trip to the Peninsula of Crimea, where the shooting took place the film “Bonus”. A young mother admits that is very good to a psychic and tries to maintain friendly relations with him.

      Valeria Gai Germanicus and Groin declared themselves a couple


      This girl has amazed everyone with its bright appearance and somewhat controversial past. In some circles she was more famous as the widow of crime boss Vyacheslav Ivankov-jap. Personality Nicole has always raised a lot of questions, because she didn’t like to share all the details of his personal life. For all editions of the young woman said almost in a whisper. In the result of a serious illness she was installed tracheostomy tube, through which it can breathe. So every time Kuznetsova has appeared in the program with wrapped around the neck scarf.

      Widow jap Nicole is surprised at the “Battle of psychics”

      For all tests Nicole brought special tools that helped her overcome all difficulties. Sometimes she was unbearable to work, as any energy she always passed through. Observers have been amazed at the accuracy with which the young woman was determined by a photo or subject of the person you want to find or just something to tell about it. Kuznetsova did not own the basics of palmistry, but could accurately describe the appearance information of the character and his past life.

      Before the finale: what would you remember Marilyn Kerro, Victoria Raydos and Nicole Kuznetsova

      By the way, participation in the project was given to a young mother is not easy. She still has to travel every month to a special operation, which helps to prolong life. It is very difficult to tolerate this procedure, but in recognition of the most clairvoyant, no choice. Many viewers remember that due to poor health is a participant in the 16th season, could not cope with some of the tests.

      Nicole Kuznetsova underwent a major surgery

      “Every time I hard recovering from operations, it is for me now the moral test. After them I cry as I drive home, because I feel that they would never end. But I understand that without them, simply can not. This is the only way to maintain this lifestyle that I lead, not being attached to the hospital walls. They give me a breath of living air. Without the surgery, I suffer from hypoxia”, the woman said in an exclusive interview with “StarHit”.

      Taking third place on the project, Nicole continues to be popular among viewers. That is why she conducts master classes, webinars, conducting personal and remote meetings. It is important that the person got exactly what he wants. Kuznetsova is constantly improving the technique of working with clients, works hard on himself, but sometimes tries to relax, as it affects effektivnosti ongoing session.

      “Higher powers always provide a requesting client scenarios. About the work done I don’t regret, I come with a soul to everyone. It therefore takes a lot of energy, and when they are exhausted, and the requests for assistance continue to come in, I’m getting hard,” admitted Nicole, “StarHit”.

      Nicole Kuznetsova about a serious illness: “I Thank God that it’s not cancer”


      Anyway, Nicole is trying to devote all his spare time to his family. The heirs of the woman, Whitney and Stephen, to support the mother throughout. That, in turn, cares about the fact that they feel secure. I must say that Kuznetsova had noticed for the eldest son Egor tendency to extrasensory perception, but while the mother of the child is not trying hard to focus on this. And despite the concerns of the family, the woman even had in November last year to present his new book “I see your soul,” which, judging by the reviews, liked the fans of the stars of TNT.

      Nicole Kuznetsova shocked the special gifting of this son