Евгений Малкин впервые поделился снимком с семимесячным сыном The famous hockey player has shared a touching photo with the heir. The man placed the page in the social network. Members reacted to the post of the athlete and accompanied it with many positive comments about the child’s father.

      Athlete, Evgeni Malkin and TV presenter Anna Kosterova legalized their relationship in one of the salons of new York city in June of last year. Before that, they had become the parents of a charming baby. The boy was named Nikita. Now Anna and Eugene try to dedicate all their free time raising a child. Kasarova at the first stage of the relationship with her future husband refused to work on television and went to live with their lover in the United States.

      Hockey player rarely shares with the users Network family photos. Not surprisingly, members are often interested in the sports stars, as he fared with his wife and son. Some sometimes suspect that the couple broke up. As it turned out, Malkin doesn’t like to talk on the Network about the events of his personal life and paints a detailed every day. Anyway, fans of the celebrity poblagodaril him for the Sunny picture.

      Subscribers have written that the baby has grown up so much in six months. They expressed regret that they can not carefully look at the appearance of the child. It is very interesting for someone like Nikita. Some are even now speculating about whether he will go in the footsteps of the Central forward in the NHL.

      “What you beautiful! Sunny, bright, eye-catching!”, “Future hockey player”, “What he’s already big! So cute”, “the real leader grows another leader,” wrote the subscribers in Instagram.

      It should be noted that the wife of hockey player tries throughout to match it. She quickly brought himself into shape after childbirth. Members noted that the young woman looks amazing. Anna, in turn, told me that during pregnancy tried anything not limit yourself, because demanded by the body, however, after the appearance of the baby born TV presenter quickly got rid of the extra pounds, restoring its former elegance. The wife of Evgeni Malkin showed a slim figure after giving birth