Мать Владимира Винокура отметила юбилей в кругу семьи The woman turned 95. Vladimir Vinokur with the loved ones celebrated the birthday of his mother. Fans said that she looks beautiful, despite his advanced age.

      The well-known humorist Vladimir Vinokur on the eve celebrated the anniversary of his mother – a woman turned 95 years old. The whole family gathered together in one of the capital’s restaurants to celebrate such a momentous date. Vladimir Natanovich, heartily congratulated the mother by posting a picture of his mom in the microblog.

      “My Queen, Anna mother 95 years! Live long, my pretty!” wrote humorist in the social network.

      Fans were surprised that a 95-year-old mother of Vladimir Vinokur looks so good. Despite its venerable age, a woman looks after herself – she’s neat manicure, hairstyle, and dressed the birthday girl was in a black elegant dress. Image from the festival shared her granddaughter, the ballerina Anastasia Vinokur. Ballet dancer posted on his microblog a photo of his father next to his grandmother.

      “And did you not aged, only the head is a little turned white! My wealth, support for life! The most senior in the family! Our Queen, a teacher in every sense of the Anya – 95! Vladimir Vinokur, the best son, brother, father, husband, and grandfather! And friend! Love you! A long summer,” wrote Anastasia.

      Fans also rushed to congratulate the comedian’s mother on the holiday and wished her good health. “Grandma is simply beautiful! And what a thoughtful son!”, “Happy birthday great grandma! What a happiness it is when an elder is near! God forbid a long, long years of life! Her good health!”, “And my grandmother-beautiful – and manicures, and makeup, everyone would have 95!”, “Long years and good health!” – I wrote to the subscribers of the soloist of the Bolshoi theatre.

      Members also noted that the mother of Vladimir Vinokur was lucky enough to see great grandchildren in 2015, Anastasia gave birth to a son Fyodor. In December, the whole family celebrated the first birthday boy. Ballerina of the Bolshoi theatre together with her husband threw a great celebration in the restaurant. The hall was decorated in the style of the famous cartoon family the Simpsons. Everywhere was are figures of cartoon characters. The cake was also decorated to match the entire decoration.

      In recognition of Vladimir Natanovich, the birth of a grandson, Theodore changed the lives of the whole family. “With the advent Fedi my daughter in constant contact – sometimes three times a day she gets. Well, they live near Gregory: if I’m not on tour, every night you call – say, are you still awake? And I will stop by to play with Fedka. Come, he crawls towards me – and all I’m crazy about love,” said Vinokur “StarHit”.

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