Героев, как и сладкого, много не бывает Our annual and the most unusual competition in the country (I know!) “On vacation with Andrei Malakhov” entered the decisive phase: on may 31 we will stop accepting applications.
Героев, как и сладкого, много не бывает

I remind you that this time you must not tell about yourself, and of modest heroes who live in the neighborhood and their glorious deeds feat is not considered. The age of these worthy people can be very different. I would, for example, they take responsibility for fellow travelers 12-year-old schoolgirl from Vladivostok to Yaroslav Rodionov. She is studying in 6th grade, is engaged in Sambo and stores in a velvet box award “Hot heart”. Medal the girl was handed over for the salvation of the baby who find themselves without supervision on tracks. “He cried a lot and rested, but I grabbed him and pulled off the rails. Just a few minutes passed the train,” said Yaroslav.

War veteran Vladimir Yaroslav from Nizhny Novgorod, who on June 16 will celebrate 94 years, I would have made to the list of travellers now.

About these wonderful people I learned under the rustle of candy wrappers.

A long and very creative contestant Olga Bolbas from Maykop (this time she writes about her wonderful mum long-lived) and our reader from Nizhny Novgorod Natalia Muraveva (it introduced several heroes) are telling us sweets.

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