Фанаты заподозрили первую жену Тарасова в конфликте с Костенко The first wife of athlete Oksana Ponomarenko recently informed fans that the nine-year-old angelina Tarasova career in the modeling business. The third wife of footballer decided to criticize parents who at such an early age want to make the child a star.
Фанаты заподозрили первую жену Тарасова в конфликте с Костенко

Oksana Ponomarenko gave birth to the footballer Dmitry Tarasov daughter angelina in mid-2009. A few years later their marriage broke up. Ex-wife actively engaged in the social network, which reports the latest news related to the child. Many fans are of the opinion that the first wife of an athlete is most suited him.

Anastasia Kostenko became the third wife Tarasova – after marriage with Olga Buzova. This summer, a new family of a football player is born another girl. Anastasia – in the past, successful Russian model, the second “Vice-miss Russia 2014”.

Recently Oksana said that the first heiress angelina Tarasova taking the first steps in the modeling business, and Anastasia, in turn, decided to condemn parents who decide so early to send their children to the tough world of fashion and ideal standards of appearance. Fans suspected that between the first and current wives player has a hidden conflict. The daughter of Dmitry Tarasov went in the footsteps of stepmother

Фанаты заподозрили первую жену Тарасова в конфликте с Костенко

Oksana decided to strike back Kostenko. The ex-wife of football player wrote a moralizing text.

“Once the lion dog came and challenged him to a fight. But Leo didn’t even pay attention to it. Then the dog said: “If you’re not going to fight me, I’ll go and tell all their friends that the lion is afraid of me!” What the lion said: “Let me condemn the cowardly dog, than be despised the lions for what I fight with dogs.” The moral: know yourself price,” – said Oksana.

“Oksana, as always, on the level! Smart, beautiful, wise, and every post proof”, “the Parable is gorgeous! Every dog should know their place! Let the house guards, and not with the lions compete”, “Oksana, you are a wise young woman. Good luck to you and your daughter!” – said fans of the woman.