«Ее сердце разбито»: Меган Маркл считает интервью отца предательством The father of Meghan Markle gave a scandalous interview. The newly minted Duchess of Sussex was extremely unhappy with his revelations. Now the wife Prince Harry fears for their marriage.
«Ее сердце разбито»: Меган Маркл считает интервью отца предательством

Divorced is an American actress, Topless images which literally is full Internet access, 36 — year-old Megan Markle from the beginning it seemed not the best candidate for the role of the wife of Prince Harry. Oils in fire were added also by the family of TV stars that struggled wanted to bask in the glory of the royals.

Despite the fact that Megan has ceased to communicate with his father because of his numerous interviews, that didn’t stop Thomas Markle. The man admitted that his daughter is unhappy in her marriage with the Prince.

The father of Meghan Markle: “the Daughter unhappy in her marriage with Prince”

According to Thomas, the daughter looks frightened, and her restrained style of dress leaves much to be desired. Western journalists managed to find out that another controversial statement literally broke the heart of the newly minted Duchess of Sussex.

“Megan is very confused and upset about what is happening. Her heart literally broken. She wants to trust her father, but cannot do so in the circumstances. Megan lives in a fairy tale, she has to put up with many restrictions. The situation with the father is a new grief and a new problem for her,” said the insider close to the Royal family.
«Ее сердце разбито»: Меган Маркл считает интервью отца предательством

Apparently, the warming in relations of Thomas Markle and his famous daughter can’t be out of the question. At least earlier it was reported that Megan refuses to talk to dad since the wedding.

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But Thomas Markle on the contrary, all interviews stressed that he wants to reunite with her daughter. That’s only Megan is not ready to go for it because it considered the Pope a threat to their marriage.

“Megan loves her father, but now she has to learn a lot about the life of the Royal family. She cherishes the relationship with Harry and his relatives. However, a new interview with the father once again put its reputation at risk. Now she is unlikely to trust him” — said the insider.

Now the Duchess of Sussex with zeal performs the duties of the member of the Royal family. She managed to make friends with Kate Middleton and, it seems, even Queen Elizabeth II came to terms with the choice of a grandson.

However, 73-year-old Thomas Markle still convinced that the famous monarchs too hard on his daughter. According to father Megan, he is specifically trying to separate her daughter to British subjects quickly forgot about inappropriate past divorced actress with overly talkative relatives.

According to the publication HollywoodLife, Megan intends to continue to stay away from dad because I wasn’t sure of its reliability. Apparently, for the sake of her marriage with Prince Markle ready to go at all.