Сергей Сафронов назвал причины развода с первой женой Famous illusionist remembered how painful it was parting with Mary, who bore him a son and a daughter. According to Sergei Safronov, he believed that he would live with this woman all my life, but this did not happen. Now the magician is married to Catherine, who will soon give him a child.
Сергей Сафронов назвал причины развода с первой женой

In 2016, illusionist Sergey Safronov broke up with his wife Maria. The couple had been married for about five years, but in 2016 their crisis. Then Safronov was already familiar with Kate and sometimes spent time with her. However, he did not allow himself greater: their communication was friendly. However began to emerge rumors that Sergei has an affair with a young lady. This greatly affected his relationship with Mary.

“After the press article appeared “Safronov lives with his mistress,” the relationship became unbearable. But that story was completely fictional, and Mary herself only added fuel to the fire. Yesterday we had a big fight, and when she called journalists, she confirmed: “Hanging around if Serge? Yes! With Oksana? Yes! And Yes, I wrote to her text messages.” I was in so much agony, I was worried. To the last he swore that we with Masha in spite of all the haters and assholes who talk behind my back and put us spoke in the wheel, living our lives together until the end. I’ve convinced myself. But when I didn’t see support in the second half, the illusion began to crumble,” said the showman.

Thinking about the problems in their relationship, Safronov admits that he has always been faithful to his wife. After the break it was very painful, but the return to a wife he could not. Masha met in London with the man and went abroad.

“This news was a blow. Pretty insane for children. They used to sleep with my parents, and I didn’t want in my place, was uncle George!.. It was painful, because no matter what, Mary is my mother. But I thought: if she really loves me and he will help her out of depression, in which we see each other is driven, it’s good! Because the son and daughter were released in London — why deprive the children’s mother? Masha really finally came to her senses and adequately perceive the situation that we have. Now we don’t swear, call each other ten times a day, and the children I escorted to school, online, via the FaceTime”, – said Safronov.
Сергей Сафронов назвал причины развода с первой женой

Some time later, after the divorce, Sergei had an affair with Catherine. First, he imagined her as a colleague, but then the whole truth was revealed. In April 2018, they played a secret wedding. By the way, Safronov was not afraid to meet new wife with his ex.

“Mary Catherine began to write in social networks, and suddenly become friends. Ex-wife is fully aware of my state of health and how to care for it. For example what to do when blood pressure is unstable, what kind of diet you need to follow and what pills to take, what doctor to call if something happens. All these knowledge Mary shared with Kate. They communicate just fine,” — said Sergey.

Soon Catherine will give Sergei the baby. About pregnancy a girl learned at the end of last year, but long concealed this event from others. Safronov glad that soon will become a father for the third time, and his mother puts the son in the example of his brethren who has not yet acquired offspring.

Sergei Safronov miss wife to the tour

“Actually, mom is really looking forward to when she will have an army of grandchildren, a better grandson! All her life she dreamed about her daughter, but first there was Ilya. Five years later tells the father that she needed an assistant, they agree about the girl, and then two more boys. Only then did I realize it then, “stop!”. But my mom has a granddaughter, soon to be another. So I helped parents plan girls with everything they could,” — said Safronov in the interview to the magazine “Collection. Caravan of stories”.