Генри Кавилла «похоронили» по ошибке
The Network has announced the death of the actor.

Henry Cavill

Photo: Instagram @henrycavill

Henry Cavill in shock from being discovered in the Network
the message about his own death! In
it said: in the role of Superman left this world on March 3rd of this year. In
proof that he is alive and well, Henry has posted on his page
social Network recent photo and signed it: “I just found out I died two
days ago…”

However, as it turned out, fans of the 34-year-old actor is not too believe
the message of his death. “I knew it, because Superman is immortal!” — wrote one
them. “You look pretty fresh for a dead man!” — joked the other.

It is curious that the recognition of Cavill, he did not know would survive to the end of work on the next
part of the franchise “Mission impossible,” which recently completed filming. There
there was so much dangerous stunts that he was pretty sure all it can for him
very bad end “I thought, if I die, as it will be during filming with Tom
Cruz, my death, at least, though
would become the most “hot” news!”

Fortunately, Henry Caville was lucky enough not only to survive, but to do
no injuries. But Sam Cruz a couple of times seriously injured on set
“The mission”. The most unpleasant thing was for it happened in August
last year a compound fracture of the leg which, as he admitted, still
not healed as it should. He got hurt doing one of his stunts
which many colleagues regard the Volume as “insane”. During the filming of this
movie, he had to jump from a high bridge, and run along the roofs of houses, and
hanging down from a flying helicopter.