Юрий Колокольников попал в отделение полиции
“The work affects the character,” says the actor.

Юрий Колокольников попал в отделение полиции

Photo: NTV

March on the NTV channel will premiere the serial detective
“Countdown.” The main role in the action film performed Yuri

that first audience of the new project were the visitors to Comic Con Russia
2017 – September last year NTV for the first time
presented their series on the most colorful exhibition of novelties of pop culture.
Kolokolnikov personally came to tell fans about the new role of ironic and
daring captain Korsakov and looked with them the first series.

the plot of the series Konstantin Korsakov (Yuri Kolokolnikov) is in
the investigative unit of the police. He is attentive to subordinates,
criminals simply. Every day, the severe guardian of the law deals with
victims of criminals who are filled with vengeance, and its challenge
becomes to prevent new crimes, not allowing the victims to stand up
the slippery path of arbitrariness. Action
Korsakov and his staff must be prompt and evidence —
iron. In this difficult case to help him colleagues: Inga Gordeeva
(Polina Maksimova), Max TDS (Alexey Vedernikov) and Lucy Alekhine
(Anastasia Lazo).

the hero is very cynical, his work, of course, affects
in nature, there can be no sentimentality. He is very ironic.
Can’t joke anything about another body. But all his bravado and
the cynicism lies in the days of childhood, which in one series to it
will be back,” talks about his hero, Yuri Kolokolnikov.

each series of the intrigue of the investigation enhances the effect of suspense, as
a couple of minutes before the future crimes, the audience sees the attacker
and his sacrifice. At this point begins the countdown and time
transferred back. Along with the characters, the audience will be way to pattern
of the offence until that second, when the victim’s life hung in the balance.

was held in St. Petersburg, which will appear to viewers in
unusual for cinema the way the filmmakers intentionally
refused to use the historical appearance North of the capital
the shooting took place in a modern business blocks. And the police Department, in
which employs our heroes, is located in an open office
the space and reflects the spirit of the metropolis.

all was not smooth: one of the working shifts had to take place in
a large shopping center, but the group was unable to get to the site,
as to the duty of the Northern capital reported
possible mining of the building, resulting in planned work
was frustrated and the team had to redraw the whole plan of shooting.

Photo: NTV