Heidi Klum told about parting with her young lover

Хайди Клум рассказала о расставании с своим молодым любовником
The model confirmed that left Vito the Nose.

Heidi Klum and Vito Shnobel


Information about what the novel is 44 year old Heidi Klum and 31 year-old Vito Nose over, confirmed. Appearing on
music festival in Las Vegas, the model made a special statement on this occasion: “I
think Vito was necessary to take a pause and think seriously
on our relationship!”

The rumors that Klum left her
young boyfriend began to spread a couple of weeks ago. The reason for
this was the behavior Heidi: the fact that the event organized
edition of Harper’s Bazar, she appeared not just Vito, but accompanied by other
men — cute 32-year-old racing driver Louis Hamilton. What’s more, it with him openly
flirted and posed for reporters. But with the Nose not
seen you in over a month and a half. And when Heidi came to new York in the early
September, she settled in the house of Vito, as usual, and at the hotel.

that Heidi
started Dating Vito in 2014, two years after she
broke up with Shiloh. During their affair, Schnabel repeatedly suspected of infidelity.
Once it is “caught” in a bar flirting with actress Dakota Johnson. And this summer, the reporters filmed the night he kissed
on the street, next to the restaurant with an unidentified beauty. However, Heidi, in her
the confession was so in love with Vito, she was willing to forgive him almost anything.
But, as can be seen, and her patience came to an end.