Heidi Klum got five clones

Хайди Клум обзавелась пятью клонами
The model is “lost” among its counterparts.


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Хайди Клум обзавелась пятью клонами

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model Heidi Klum became famous for his ability to come up with absolutely incredible
carnival costume for the annual Halloween celebration. All have already
to get used to the fact that every time Heidi is almost unrecognizable
thanks to its next reincarnation. But this year, Klum decided to go a completely
the other way and not lost… this was told by the reporter of Daily Mail.

Appearing in
the lobby of the fashionable new York restaurant, Vandal, Klum has produced
the present furor. Although this year, Heidi appeared in the image “itself”,
I identified it not at once. The fact that the model appeared in the company still
five girls virtually indistinguishable from her and dressed just as she is. And
group slender Babes body Nude with Golden plates and
boots height up to mid-thigh, immediately attracted attention. Heidi –
it is located in the heart of the company – was very pleased. First, thanks
costume and good make-up, she managed again to demonstrate their appearance
in the best possible way. But most importantly, it has avoided prolonged sitting first on
the fittings, and then in the makeup chair, as it was in previous years. This time
all that negativity got to her “clones” until they made masks Heidi and
lining on the bust.

But in
last year when Heidi was reincarnated in the “toon” Jessica rabbit from
the movie “Who framed Roger rabbit”, she spent many hours: first with her
face and body shot casts, then tried on made silicone mask and
lining, and put all these devices together with makeup. And
previous years, Heidi managed to get in the way of the most incredible creatures – the robot
gorillas, butterflies, cats, “the man without a
skin”… However, the most spectacular of its transformation, many believe the transformation
beauty model in ancient wrinkled. the old lady