VIDEO: Teacher Beyonce opened the show “battle of the talents” in Moscow

ВИДЕО: Педагог Beyonce открыл шоу «Битва талантов» в Москве
David Lee Brewer conducted a unique 7-hour master class.

Academy of Popular Music of Igor Krutoy imagine TV project
“Battle Of Talents”. On October 31, the opening and first session within

David Lee Brewer first teacher Beyonce singing, held
unique 7-hour master class, in which selected 10 people from
participants of “Battle of talents”. With these
lucky David will conduct an intensive training course for young
stars for 8 days. And at the Gala concert of the participants will present the results of their
works in the format of “before-after”.

ВИДЕО: Педагог Beyonce открыл шоу «Битва талантов» в Москве

David Lee Brewer with Beyonce and the soloist of Destiny Charles

This year will be unusually large gathering, during which will
take master classes under the guidance of the best Directors, teachers,
stylists, bloggers and, of course, a talent show for children and teenagers “Battle
Of talents”. Show your skills and compete in vocal and
dance battles will be able children 6 to 16 years. The jury of the project will include
the most famous artists, singers and choreographers.

“Battle of talents” will be held for the second time, the first “Battle” took place in Sochi
in may of this year and collected about 200 talented children from different countries. Among
the jury members were: Alexander Panayotov, Anna Sedokova, Vlad Sokolovsky, Rita
Dakota, Constantine to provide more jobs, Elena Maksimova, Elena Temnikova, Dominik Joker and

The second contest will be even more ambitious, the jury will choose the best in
vocal, dance and acting. Grand Prix performance
star contest “New wave 2017” will get the best and most
bright performer. Everything will end November 8, with a great Gala concert with the participation of
stars stream which will take place on the channel Muz-TV.

David Lee Brewer conducted a unique 7-hour master class