Харви Вайштейн сдался полиции после громкого секс-скандала According to foreign journalists, the producer was arrested. Famous figure in the film industry was once one of the most influential people in Hollywood, but after accusations of harassment has lost job and wife.
Харви Вайштейн сдался полиции после громкого секс-скандала

66-year-old Harvey Weinstein, whose name was not stop to discuss all over the world for about six months, decided to surrender to law enforcement officers. As it became known to foreign correspondents, producer filmul “Kill bill,” “Lord of the rings” and “Shakespeare in Love” he came to the police station, located in new York.

Journalist Ronan Farrow, who received the Pulitzer prize for news about the producer, called the incident “an incredible and unexpected moment.”

Friday needs to be a trial, which will decide the question of bail. According to some reports, Weinstein agreed with the accusing party. Most likely, the producer will go after its representatives will pay the sum of one million dollars (according to others, two). A man will be obliged to wear an electronic bracelet that tracks his movement.

Investigation of the producer is also underway in London and Los Angeles. The Hollywood figure of the show business can trial for his life. According to media representatives in new York will be charged with the rape of one woman with aggravated and sexual abuse in the first degree in respect to another victim. The victims ‘ names were not disclosed.

Formal charges Weinstein followed after former subordinates accused him of sexual harassment. No such claim was made by more than 70 women. The actress said that the figure of the film industry in various ways tried to persuade them to intimacy. Among those who decided to make an official statement, was Cara Delevingne, Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, rose McGowan, Rosanna Arquette, Asia Argento, Ashley Judd and many others.

Because of the suspicion of sexual harassment Weinstein lost his leadership position in your own company. In March, the Weinstein Co., based Harvey and her brother Robert, has filed for bankruptcy. Later its assets were bought by representatives of a private equity firm.

Харви Вайштейн сдался полиции после громкого секс-скандала

Spouse Harvey Weinstein Georgina Chapman filed for divorce. This spring, the designer gave his first interview about the Wainstein. “Partly I was so terribly naive, very naive. I fell in love with charismatic, intelligent, generous man,” she said. The woman admitted that the incident had a negative impact on her mental state.

“Sometimes I’m angry, sometimes confused, sometimes do not believe what happened. And sometimes just cry about their children. What will be their life? What do you say to them?” – said Georgina.

Sex scandal with Weinstein provoked the appearance of stories about abuse by other famous people. The 16 people said about ungentlemanly conduct 80-year-old Morgan Freeman. Hollywood actor and Director was forced to apologize if his actions could make others feel uncomfortable or “feel disrespected”. Previously, Kevin spacey, found themselves in a similar situation, stripped of the award “Emmy”, was fired from the TV series “house of cards” and cut out of the movie “All the money in the world”.