Карина Мишулина объяснила, почему эксгумация тела отца невозможна The actress continues to fight for the truth. According to Karina of Mishulin, she’s not ready to make peace with Timur Yeremeyev. It also outraged that the alleged brother continues to PR on this story.
Карина Мишулина объяснила, почему эксгумация тела отца невозможна

Karina Mishulina continues to defend the honor of the family. The actress tries to prove that there are no illegitimate children from her father’s Spartak Vasilyevich was not, and Timur Eremeev just wants to be famous after this story. The star of the series “Fizruk” outraged, because in the TV show “Let them say” cut out part of what she wanted to convey to the public.

Previously discussed version of the procedure of exhumation Spartaka Mishulina. But Karina explained why it is impossible to do.

“In our country it is almost impossible to exhume. In fact, is what they expect,” – said Karina.

The husband of the actress Ivan in all its supports. He believes that Eremeeva no proof of kinship with a famous actor. “The family of Spartak Vasilyevich rinse all the parameters as the lowest people in the world. And he sits and smiles, earning money,” said the husband of Karina.

The whole scandal has affected the wife of Spartaka Mishulina. She feels really bad. “Mom is not feeling well. She was killed twenty years of life is one hundred percent. I think her status is not restored. She’s the second type of diabetes she is now on the verge of a stroke. Mom has nothing good now – it’s true,” said Mishulina.

Some time ago the relationship Karina and Timur almost normal. She introduced him even with his children. However, after Mishulina continued to plead with Yeremeyev, representing his mother, he again came into conflict with it. Now Mishulina not going to put up with the behavior of the actor.

“He is a stranger man! You will put up with the impostor that he pooped all over the country your father? You would have to deal with such a person? People don’t see how there is a war. We are destroying! I was deprived of work completely. And to say that the theatre left me without a job – not true. It was a deliberate attack, which is still ongoing,” added Mishulina in an interview with “Interlocutor”.