Harrison Ford was ridiculed by his own fans

Харрисона Форда высмеяли его же собственные фанаты

Soon 77-year-old Harrison Ford will once again transform into the character that once brought him popularity. Ford was the fifth time to become Indiana Jones in a new film by Steven Spielberg. The news a couple of days ago confirmed himself as an actor and Director.

Despite the fact that the return of Harrison franchisees the idea was to please his fans, many perceived it negatively. In particular, cinemahome and other Network users wrote that Ford himself may be a piece of antiquity, and not the Professor who goes in search of them.

“Indiana should be the finder of antiquities, and not the good in the archaeological Museum exhibits!” — quipped one user of the Internet, which, incidentally, considers himself a fan of Ford’s talent. And another proposed to call the new movie “Indiana Jones in search of remedies against hemorrhoids senile”…

Of course, it’s difficult to imagine how 77-year-old actor will perform some tricks and how perfectly it will look in the new movie. On the other hand, Ford is more than once in recent times has proved that there is still a gunpowder in powder flasks: actor flew the plane remained intact after its collapse, broke his leg on the set of “Star wars”, but still continued to work. As we can see Ford, obviously, refers to the generation of Hollywood actors who are able to work up a sweat and once again we will be able to see that it is in the fifth “Indiana Jones”.

By the way, “retired” Ford, as it is called evil tongues, recognized as the highest grossing actor in film history. Films with his participation earned its creators an enormous amount of money — $ 4.7 billion!

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