Lover Jennifer Lopez will star in the remake of “Dirty dancing”

Любовник Дженнифер Лопес снимется в ремейке «Грязных танцев»

Sooner or later it had to happen. Jennifer Lopez positive effect on career of his young lover Casper Smart and even opens up new horizons in the form of filming a movie.

The star of the series “Shades of blue” pulled some strings and helped the lover to pass the casting on one of the main roles in the remake of the legendary film of 1987 “Dirty dancing.”

Kasper got the role of Billy’s cousin and best friend of the main character johnny (played by the late Patrick Swayze). And it was the Smart character introduces baby that was brought to life by a young Jennifer grey, with the incredible world of professional dancers and passionate all-night parties.

It is fair to say that Smart in shooting the remake of Dirty dancing will not be the first appearance of a dancer in the movie, but still it is since the beginning of the relationship with Lopez Casper began to see the producers. However, the dancer believes that only in seeking their own career, and Jennifer is just support, which is necessary to every man: “She just supports me. And I’m her. It’s called true love!”

Note that in addition to Kasper Strata the film will star Abigail Breslin (baby) and Colt Pratts (johnny). Caste also claimed Nicole Scherzinger, who will play the partner of the main character named penny. In the original movie this role was played by Cynthia Rhodes (“lost”).

The three-hour production of the film Studio Lionsgate TV will Allison Shearmur (“the Hunger games”) and Elinor Bergsten, who wrote the script for the film in 1987.

Date of the premiere of “Dirty dancing” on ABC yet to be determined.


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