Harrison Ford still replaced

Харрисона Форда все-таки заменили
Announced the name of actor to play Han Solo. In the opinion of 7days, the choice is more than strange.

Харрисона Форда все-таки заменили

Harrison Ford

Photo: Splash News/East news

Alden Ehrenreich

Photo: Splash News/East news

As it became known, one of the
the main characters of “Star wars” — Han Solo — will play in the next film of the franchise young
actor Alden Ehrenreich.

From the moment when it was announced
upcoming filming a new episode of “Star wars”, which should appear in this most popular character, all wondered who this time
will get this role. After all, the actor who originally played that role —
Harrison Ford — no way again
to suit up your hero, because in the new movie it would be about
young Han Solo. And no matter how well looked Ford for his age, he has celebrated this year his 74 birthday.

As soon as it was announced
the competition for this role, immediately lined up a long queue of people willing to. Just through listening, which lasted the whole 6 months were more
3000 applicants. John Alden managed to get around them all!

Learn about the beginning of casting,
Ehrenreich was thought, that he did not have too many chances. After all, he had not yet
to become famous. However, decided to take a chance.
“Why not!” he thought then. However, in the role of approved
it was just overjoyed.

“We made hardly the most
difficult in the history of the franchise decision!” — admitted Phil Lord,
which together with Chris Miller was entrusted with the mission of becoming a Director of another movie franchise. As for
Arerica, he has received the “blessing” of the two actors, famous
filming in the first film — Hamill Mark (Luke Skywalker) and Carrie
Fisher (Princess Leia). Both assured
Alden that he would be able to cope with its task.

The film, which is still untitled, should begin in the first half of next year.
Now there is a refinement of the script. And on the new “Star wars” needs
to come out in may 2018.

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