Заслуженный отпуск: Роналду на яхте с мамой и сыном

The player restores power after the last European championship on football.

Who-who, and Cristiano Ronaldo your vacation deserve: largely thanks to him, Portugal became the first European champion.

The final of the last Euro 2016 in General will be remembered for a long time. The players of Portugal and France fought a life-and-death, resulting in Ronaldo injured his knee. Sobbed so much Cristiano! As worried for his teammates. And how rejoiced the victory.

In General, the emotional was the championship. After this you need a good rest. And one of the most expensive players in the world decided to hold it not in some resort surrounded by models, as is customary among unmarried athletes, and in the family: a mother and son on a yacht in Spain.

Looking at pictures of the family of Ronaldo, the fans first noted the reverent attitude of the player and his 61-year-old mother, Dolores. Mom son get a massage done, then the sunscreen will smear, she, in turn, handle shower, so she could wash off the sea Sol, or help to climb the stairs. Pleasure to watch!

Incidentally, Cristiano Jr., who recently turned six years old, also grows a gentleman. It is seen that he tries to imitate the father and am happy every minute together.

By the way, to spend time with his family, Cristiano flew to the presentation of the prestigious sports awards ESPY 2016. And, it seems, did not regret about it.

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