Harrison Ford saved the girl in a car accident

Харрисон Форд спас девушку в автокатастрофе

Actor Harrison Ford is bold and brave not only in blokbastera, but in real life. According to the American news website TMZ, 190го Nov Ford helped to get out of the damaged car to the girl. She lost control, causing her car went off the road into a ditch.

Харрисон Форд спас девушку в автокатастрофе

Do not be afraid to stop passing by, and go to the aid of the victim, while other bystanders just watched. Harrison helped the victim to get out of the vehicle and waited with her doctors. The girl was hospitalized with minor injuries.

It is worth noting that this is not the first case when the actor rushed to help the victims. Fans no wonder they say that Harrison as Chip and Dale cartoon, always ready to help. Without waiting for rescuers in 2000, the actor went on a personal helicopter to rescue hiker Sarah George, who was lost in the mountains of Idaho. He decided not to wait for the arrival of rescuers and decided himself to save the girl. He landed on the scene to pick up the victim. In shock, the girl did not recognize your Saviour famous actor. “He was wearing a t-shirt and cowboy hat. He didn’t look the way I used to see him on screen,” said the girl to journalists.

The actor was not afraid to sacrifice a life to save many people. So, in 2015 Ford helicopter crashed near Los Angeles. Shortly after takeoff at the airport of Santa Monica, in the engine errors occurred. The crash did not happen and Ford remained intact, thanks to a successful landing on a Golf course. The helicopter touched the tops of the trees. The actor saved a lot of lives, successfully to land the helicopter without bumping into the houses in the area.

Harrison Ford really cares about his fans and even those who doesn’t know about it. The auction had gone the jacket Han Solo, the character played by the actor in the Saga “Star wars.” Twist has sold over 191 thousand dollars, and the money was transferred to the medical center NYU Langone Medical Center and the Foundation FACES Foundation. The Foundation also supports patients with epilepsy. His decision more than justified, because his daughter Georgia Ford is suffering from this disease.

When someone in your family suffers from this disease, it literally destroys you, ‘ said Harrison in an interview with New York Daily News. — You understand how it affects a person’s life, his future and his possibilities, and you’re desperately trying to find a way to alleviate this situation. It is important to do everything possible to GA and other people suffering from epilepsy can live a full life and to realize themselves.